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Home News Gavin Newsom Threatens to Prosecute Ron DeSantis for ‘Kidnapping’ Migrants

Gavin Newsom Threatens to Prosecute Ron DeSantis for ‘Kidnapping’ Migrants

Gavin Newsom Threatens to Prosecute Ron DeSantis for ‘Kidnapping’ Migrants

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is being accused of “kidnapping” 16 migrants flown from New Mexico to Sacramento, California, apparently without enough planning for their arrival, according to California Governor Gavin Newsom (D).

The 16 migrants from Venezuela and Colombia were taken from El Paso to New Mexico by bus before boarding a flight to Sacramento, according to the Los Angeles Times. They were left on Friday at the Sacramento Roman Catholic Diocese’s front door.

In a statement on Saturday, the attorney general of California, Rob Bonta, charged that the Florida state government was responsible for transferring the migrants, who had initially entered the country through Texas.

Since President Joe Biden took office, millions of migrants have illegally crossed the border. Texas has a policy of sending some immigrants to other states and cities—often Democratic-run “sanctuary cities”—where they can find better opportunities.

Initially sent migrants have also been transferred to Florida. DeSantis deployed a planeload of migrants to the Democratic Party elite’s island retreat of Martha’s Vineyard in the fall of last year.

Despite the abundance of political signs welcoming immigrants to the country, the island could not house the refugees, so they were transferred within 24 hours to a shelter on a military base on the mainland.

Although there is no proof DeSantis was involved, Newsom, who spends a lot of time on social media harassing Republican governors, particularly DeSantis, accused him of kidnapping on Monday:

California’s generous assistance programs toward illegal immigrants were not addressed by Newsom, who fled his state for a vacation in Mexico during devastating blizzards earlier this winter.

According to reports, California authorities have yet to release documents proving that Florida was involved; the migrants never entered Florida.

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