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Home News Scandalous! High School Assigns X-Rated Homework in Oregon

Scandalous! High School Assigns X-Rated Homework in Oregon

Scandalous! High School Assigns X-Rated Homework in Oregon

( – A high school assignment in Oregon that required students to compose a story on a “sexual fantasy” has been removed, according to reports.

When parents learned that Churchill High School students in Eugene were required to submit a “Fantasy Story” that featured a sex fantasy, they were incensed. The online learning management system Canvas is where the assignment came from.

You will compose a paragraph- or two-long short story for the absent kids. According to the assignment, “This story is a sexual fantasy with NO oral sex or penetration of any kind (no way to pass an STI).”

Additionally, the use of props like “candles, lotion, feathers, and flavoring syrup” was requested of the students.

The teacher, Kirk Miller, noted that the tale “should demonstrate that loving physical affection can be expressed and received without sexual activity.”

Parents were furious after the task went viral after being shared on Facebook.

A parent complained to the school, saying,

“I would be furious and call the police if an adult male requested my kid to share her sexual desires with him. No instructor should be asking a student to do this.”

Students felt “mortified, awkward, and creeped out,” a parent told Oregon Live.

“Before they are accepted, the district reviews these curricula, correct? Did they read this? How did this get overlooked if it has been reviewed? I can easily see this turning into a major scandal,” the parent remarked.

Parents were informed by the school’s principal, Missy Cole, in a letter that the district office will help analyze the 2016 secondary health curriculum, OWL: Our Whole Lives, to ascertain the entire context of the assignment.

The assignment is no longer part of the syllabus for the class and will not affect students’ grades now.

She added that the Oregon Department of Education had approved the OWL curriculum used by numerous districts throughout the state.

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