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Home News EXPOSED: Teacher Urges Tenured Peers To Exploit Power For Child Grooming!

EXPOSED: Teacher Urges Tenured Peers To Exploit Power For Child Grooming!

EXPOSED: Teacher Urges Tenured Peers To Exploit Power For Child Grooming!

( – Project Veritas released its third film showing the sexual indoctrination of young children occurring in New York state schools.

Elisa Waters, the creator of LGBTeach and a middle school instructor in Long Island, was caught on camera boasting about her efforts to promote gender ideology in the classroom.

“We are aware that children are coming out at younger and younger ages. We have children as young as two or three,” Waters remarked.

“Although I don’t teach at the elementary level, working with staff and administration is probably my favorite group to work with.”

She explained that it would be better to have more conversations with elementary-aged children by the time they reached middle school or some of you in high school.

“I especially enjoy dealing with families and assisting them in, you know, practicing affirmation as their kids explore gender and sexuality.”

Waters advised other teachers to persuade their pupils to support this goal.

“You’re going to have greater longevity effecting change if you maybe play it a bit safer for a little longer,” I often tell untenured teachers.

“We need you, so lean on your tenured colleagues to complete part of this task,” she advised.

“I usually advise people to work diligently but with prudence. If you’re sitting here right now, that implies that you’ll be able to work even harder in three to four years when you obtain that tenured seat.”

After serving as a teacher for many years, a teacher earns tenure, making it more challenging for school authorities to discipline the teacher when they misbehave over time.

A Veritas journalist spoke with Joseph Wiener, the principal of Wheatley School and a coworker of Waters, about her.

Every minute of every day, “she lives that activism and that mission,” he said.

Wiener also discussed his personal strategies for political participation in the classroom.

“We invited anti-racism educators to speak to the students and, you know, kind of clarify what it means to be anti-racist. Parents would then complain that you were brainwashing their kids. We don’t believe that being anti-racist is important.”

“There is no middle ground when it comes to the discussion of racism,” the principal insisted.

“You’re either racist, or you’re anti-racist,” said the anti-racist guest speaker who spoke to us.

“There is no middle ground. You are fostering racial division if you don’t engage in anti-racist work.”

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