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Home News Illegal Aliens Flee Sanctuary Cities Saying ‘American Dream Is Over’

Illegal Aliens Flee Sanctuary Cities Saying ‘American Dream Is Over’

Illegal Aliens Flee Sanctuary Cities Saying ‘American Dream Is Over’

( – Illegal immigrants and border crossers are leaving sanctuary communities in the United States and returning home.

Some of the approximately 21,000 border crossers and illegal aliens who have entered Chicago, Illinois, a sanctuary city, expressed regret in interviews with the Chicago Tribune, saying they wish they had never traveled to the US-Mexico border.

The Tribune says that:

“The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore,” said Castejon as he laid [sic] on a blanket on the bare floor of the station the afternoon before they left. “There’s nothing here for us,” he added. [Emphasis added]

Migrants said they’re realizing the city is at a breaking point. Not only is there no more space in shelters, they also acknowledge that some residents in Chicago oppose the opening of more shelters for them. 

Castejon said that despite the dangerous trek to get here — often begging for money and sleeping in the streets to cross several borders — the journey had not been worth it. 

“We didn’t know things would be this hard,” he said. “I thought the process was faster.” 

The Tribune article claims that while Catholic Charities assists in the relocation of recently arrived border crossers and illegal aliens to other areas, it is collecting large sums of money from taxpayers across the country in states like Illinois, Colorado, and Texas.

For example, Catholic Charities in Illinois is sending over 2,000 illegal immigrants and border crossers to neighboring states with public funds.

Simultaneously, Catholic Charities in Colorado and Texas are sending more illegal aliens and border crossers to Illinois with public funds.

Not just Chicago, but other sanctuary cities also host disgruntled border crossers and undocumented immigrants.

Newcomers to the city expressed their rage to the New York Post at being forced to relocate into southeast Brooklyn’s historic Floyd Bennett Field.

“We weren’t told where we were going,” a migrant told the Post. “I work in The Bronx. My kids go to school in The Bronx. For us to live out here is ridiculous.”

“I cannot stay here. This is crazy,” another migrant said after arriving at Floyd Bennett Field.

Mayor Eric Adams (D) of New York City has issued several warnings that the city is being overtaken by illegal immigration, which he claims is “devastating” the outer borough neighborhoods.

NYC Just Doubled Its Migrant Population… Why?

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