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Home News Philly In Turmoil: Stores Lay Traps to Ward Off Drug Addicts

Philly In Turmoil: Stores Lay Traps to Ward Off Drug Addicts

Philly In Turmoil: Stores Lay Traps to Ward Off Drug Addicts

( – Businesses in Democratic-controlled Philadelphia are employing unorthodox strategies to keep drug users out of their establishments, a recovered addict told Fox News.

“The companies don’t last very long. They often get destroyed by the community once they are integrated. According to the story released on Wednesday, Frank Rodriguez claimed it is not a place where anything can flourish.

Drug users are prevalent in the city’s Kensington neighborhood, which is highly distressing for local families.

According to a Concerned Patriot report from May, Philadelphians have been seen slumped over and unconscious on the pavements due to the “tranq” drug.

The chemical Xylazine, often known as “tranq,” has been connected to overdose deaths, according to the site, and “the city has been dealing with a rise in addicts using it.”

Because it can consume a person’s flesh, some officials refer to it as the “zombie drug.” In May, Pix 11 News reported that Xylazine, a sedative for animals that “knocks out horses,” is also “knocking out humans and occasionally killing them.”

Due to its low cost and accessibility, suppliers reportedly mixed the fentanyl and heroin supplies.

Before becoming sober, Rodriguez used to sell and consume drugs in the neighborhood. He now claims that certain firms are working hard to remain open due to increased drug use and criminal behavior.

“They have to set up these crazy little hacks and booby traps just to keep people off of their stoops. There are businesses that set up sprinkler systems, so they can just be inside and hit a button, and the sprinkler system goes off,” he told Fox.

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As Rodriguez can be seen wandering among the drug users in camera footage, the outlet’s Jesse Watters recently blamed the fentanyl and tranq epidemic in Philadelphia on Beijing and Mexico.

He stated that there were no regulations being followed by law enforcement and city officials in the local situation.

“You see the chaos that’s going around. You’re gonna see people, blood running down their arm, needles in their neck, needle in their arm, pipe in their mouth. Everything goes out here,” he said:

“You’re literally dealing with chemical warfare; that’s what’s happening,” he explained, adding it was only getting worse.

Watters added, “China is sending us the fentanyl; the Mexicans are trafficking it here,” then said President Biden is doing “absolutely nothing about it.”

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