(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – Researchers are interested in how TikTok’s China-owned app affects children’s brains when binge-watch its uninterrupted stream of addictive videos.

There are many worries about the app, including its effects on mental health and its potential threat to national security. The outcome, dubbed “TikTok Brain,” is having an impact on young Americans’ lives.

Early research indicates that TikTok is genuinely altering young people’s attention spans, a phenomenon known as “TikTok Brain.”

It is more difficult for young people who binge-watch short-form material like TikTok or Instagram Reels “to participate in activities that don’t offer instant gratification,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Through constant scrolling through TikTok and Instagram reels, the reward system in a person’s brain looks for reactions.

According to John Hutton, director of the Reading & Literacy Discovery Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the TikTok platform- controlled by a hostile foreign nation- is a ” dopamine machine. ”

“A flood of dopamine reinforces cravings for something enjoyable, whether it’s a tasty meal, a drug or a funny TikTok video,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

If they continue this practice, their brain may eventually become conditioned to want the pleasures of processing brief content.

According to a recent study by Western Michigan University and Guizhou University of Finance and Economics in China, TikTok videos and comparable YouTube Shorts engage consumers with “short bursts of thrills,” which can potentially lead to addictive behavior.

As a result of how quickly individuals consume content on social media, a 2019 study that appeared in Nature Communication apparently revealed that our “collective attention span” may be shortening.

The prefrontal cortex, on the other hand, is “the part of the brain responsible for decision making and impulse control,” the Journal noted when a young person engages in behavior that requires focusing for a prolonged period of time, such as reading a book.

This is known as “directed attention,” which is involved in this behavior.

Young people experience “a cultural indoctrination” that encourages them to “grow used to and even prefer these kinds of highly stimulating fast scene shifts,” Gloria Mark, author of Attention Span: A Groundbreaking Way to Restore Balance, Happiness, and Productivity, told Wired.

“Due to this, it is getting increasingly more difficult for young people to pay attention to things that don’t give them instant gratification,” he continued.

“There are so many forces banding together that are just reinforcing people, especially young people, to have short attention spans,” Mark said.

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