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Home News Trump to Skip Fox News Debate, Will Do THIS Instead…

Trump to Skip Fox News Debate, Will Do THIS Instead…

Trump to Skip Fox News Debate, Will Do THIS Instead…

( – According to a recent source, former President Trump intends to sit down for an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson rather than participate in the first Republican presidential primary debate the following week.

According to a story in The New York Times, Trump has chosen to forego the debate and is preparing to participate in an interview with Carlson.

The publication noted that the former president spent the previous few days getting input from advisers and allies on whether or not to participate in the debate.

An adviser to the former president declined to comment on the alleged deal between Trump and Carlson, telling The Hill that his campaign “hadn’t confirmed anything on our end” and advising against “getting too far ahead” regarding the former president’s plans.

According to a source close to Carlson, the conservative media celebrity is “always in discussions” with all contenders. The source added that there was no firm agreement between Carlson and the former president.

The Republican National Committee-hosted debate on August 23 will be broadcast on Fox News.

Trump, the front-runner for the GOP nomination, has hinted that he may not take the stage.

The top-rated cable news channel Fox has come under fire recently from the former president for what he claims is its gushy coverage of his political adversaries.

Trump has also stated that he believes participating in the debate will give his GOP opponents a free pass to criticize him needlessly.

Both publicly and privately, Fox hosts and executives have been pleading with Trump to participate in the first debate, which is expected to be a significant media spectacle and one of the channel’s greatest ratings nights of the year.

A major snub to Fox, the dominant cable news network for which Carlson was formerly its top-rated host, can be seen in reports that Trump chose Carlson to organize a counter-programming event to the first debate.

After agreeing to pay Dominion Voting Systems $787 million to resolve defamation allegations made by the firm concerning the network’s airing of false material about their software being advocated by Trump and his friends, Fox abruptly removed Carlson from the air in April.

Dominion uncovered internal messages from key Fox executives and personalities as part of the protracted legal battle, showing them condemning and refuting Trump’s phony claims of rampant voter fraud.

The texts included ones from Carlson, who claimed he “hated” Trump “passionately” in one widely read message. They said he “couldn’t wait” for the network to be able to ignore him.

In other texts, Carlson was shown insulting female network officials and lamenting the way the business was being conducted in the days immediately following the 2020 presidential election.

After being fired by Fox, Carlson launched an online version of his well-liked prime-time program on X, the website that replaced Twitter.

Before this year, Fox claimed that Carlson had broken the terms of his contract and had written him a cease-and-desist letter regarding his new internet show. Carlson is still under contract with the network.

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