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Home News LGBTQ Activists’ DISGUSTING Attempt To Hijack Mother’s Day

LGBTQ Activists’ DISGUSTING Attempt To Hijack Mother’s Day

LGBTQ Activists’ DISGUSTING Attempt To Hijack Mother’s Day

( – In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, LGBTQ activists shared videos and memes on how fathers may be mothers and far-left talking points.

A man who identifies as a woman remarked in a video shared by Libs of TikTok that America ought to establish a “Parents Day.”

“There are two days out of the year that I wonder about. Father’s Day and Mother’s Day both exist. Which one do I celebrate as a trans woman and as a trans person? In no way do I feel like a father. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and although I feel like a mother, nobody really acknowledges me,” he remarked.

“I’m simply really curious whether there are any other folks out there that aren’t sure which category they fall under. Are you a father or a mother? Parents Day is absent. Why don’t we simply celebrate Parent’s Day?”

He added, “Like becoming a parent is something to be proud of. Why does it need to be either/or?”

He fought back tears, admitting that it “bothers me a lot.”

Another video posted by Alpha Fox showed a man who describes himself as a woman discussing being her mother with his daughter.

The daughter is heard saying, “You are my mom,” in the video.

The internet started to be inundated with new videos and posts.

Recent years have seen a rise in far-left groups’ attacks on Mother’s Day. Calvin Klein went so far as to showcase a “pregnant transgender man” as part of its Mother’s Day promotion, as Breitbart News reported the previous year.

The fashion company claimed it wanted to highlight the “realities of new families” in honor of — ironically — Mother’s Day. According to the article, Calvin Klein’s newest marketing campaign includes a pregnant transgender man as an underwear model.

“The ad features photographs of Brazilian reality TV personality and transgender man-to-woman Roberto Bete, who was expecting a child at the shoot.

In the pictures, Bete is standing with her tattoo artist husband, Erika Fernandes, holding up her bare stomach and top surgical scars.

Here’s President Donald Trump honoring the “real” mothers on Mother’s Day.

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