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Is America’s Racism Crisis REAL or CRAFTED?

Is America’s Racism Crisis REAL or CRAFTED?

( – There is no denying that there are racists in every country, including the United States, but to a considerable extent, racism in America today is a manufactured issue created by woke Leftists to undermine the American way of life.

The Left says that white oppression is an unbearable, universal system. They will ruin you if you disagree and even use violence against you.

Racism has allegedly become worse, according to the Woke. But this is nonsense.

The “systemically racist” charge is the most potent tool in the woke Left’s inventory, not because it is accurate or even because they believe it to be true.

The accusation of systematic racism is a propaganda ploy designed to capitalize on white guilt, demoralize individuals of all races, and provide moral justification for an anti-American, immoral revolution.

The woke people claim to want to free black Americans. Still, their main goal is to maintain black people in subservience. Why? To defend their continuing revolution.

If African-Americans are at their lowest point, drastic reform is always necessary. This has terrible effects on real-world black communities.

Young black Americans are told by the woke that they cannot achieve in America because it is inherently a racist nation. To stoke the flames of hatred, the woke Leftists attack our history by portraying it as a tale of relentless, vile, and racist persecution.

Purposefully discouraging kids from choosing a life of moral, spiritual, and cultural excellence is perhaps the cruelest aspect of their objective.

Too few Republican officials are prepared to discuss the strategies and objectives of the awakened agenda honestly and openly.

The truth becomes impossible when propaganda tightens its hold by remaining silent and not speaking it.

What, then, is the reality? What is the past?

In summary, though it had developed for thousands of years, our Republic was legally founded in 1776. Our founders were supported by many people who came before them.

All people are created equal and have certain unalienable rights, such as freedom of expression, conscience, and association; a government composed of laws, not of men; the separation of religion and state; the right of the armed forces to be subject to civil authority; and the nation-state, to name a few.

These monuments to moral and political wisdom were built over many years.

But fanatics who think the slightest charge of “systemic racism” would bring us to our knees are tearing them apart.

If we don’t stand up for ourselves today, we will be brought to our knees.

The Family Conservation PAC works to expose how the awakened Left insists on seeing racism even when there isn’t much of it.

We are the fastest-growing political action committee in America.

We represent millions of patriotic conservatives who believe in the U.S. Constitution and the principles, values, and traditions that set America apart.

We don’t work for any particular interest group or political party. Our commitment is to the American people, dedicated to conserving traditional family values.

That’s why I humbly ask for your help: Will you step up and chip in just a few bucks in the next hour to help us counter the Left-wing’s narrative that we live in a racist America?


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