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Home News Illinois’ Deadly Blow to School Choice Nears

Illinois’ Deadly Blow to School Choice Nears

Illinois’ Deadly Blow to School Choice Nears

( – Students in Illinois’ public schools are failing badly. Academic rigor keeps declining as teachers promote Critical Race Theory and the sexualization of children in the classroom.

The most current grade from the Illinois State Board of Education is abysmal. None of the students in Illinois’ 30 schools, 22 of which are in the City of Chicago, can read at grade level.

53 schools, 33 in Chicago, have no students who can perform math at grade level.

However, J.B. Pritzker of Illinois and Brandon Johnson, the incoming mayor of Chicago, are sending a message to parents expecting that a school choice is an option: the state’s school scholarship program, the Invest in Kids Act, is no more.

According to the Illinois State Board of Education, the Illinois Invest in Kids Act was formed by Public Act 100-465. The Act establishes a five-year tax credit scholarship program for Illinois non-public schools that meet the requirements. Since 2017, the Act has been the state’s only option for school choice.

Exclusively from Wirepoints:

“Sources have informed Wirepoints that the school scholarship program for Illinois students is dead. Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson, and others in the state legislature will kill the program for low-income, working-class families when it comes up for renewal this legislative session.

The program – the Invest in Kids Act – currently gives 9,000 kids hope for a better education and life through tax-credit scholarships. Those kids have left the traditional public system for schools that better suit their needs.

But Gov. Pritzker and others plan to eliminate the program, educational options for families be damned. Say goodbye to the Invest in Kids Act if there isn’t extreme pushback.

To ensure the program doesn’t get renewed, we’re told Pritzker and Johnson want to move the program’s reauthorization out of the state’s budget negotiation process – where it has a higher likelihood of passing – and to the veto session later this year.

The scholarship language will then become stand-alone legislation – a single bill that the teacher’s unions can focus all their efforts on killing.
With such pressure bearing down on them, there’s little chance most legislators will vote to keep the Invest in Kids Act alive.”


Every scholarship has a struggle and a hope story behind it, about a youngster who struggled to learn or fit in until a scholarship enabled them to locate a school that met their requirements.

Politicians who favor maintaining the status quo over ensuring that Illinois’ children receive the education that best meets their needs are about to destroy their hopes.

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