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Home News House ADVANCES Adam Schiff Censure for Trump-Russia Collusion Claims

House ADVANCES Adam Schiff Censure for Trump-Russia Collusion Claims

House ADVANCES Adam Schiff Censure for Trump-Russia Collusion Claims

( – In an effort to condemn Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for his allegations of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election, the House moved a motion to censure him on Wednesday.

The House rejected the motion to table it by a vote of 218 to 208, moving a resolution that would have censured Schiff for allegedly abusing the confidence of his constituents by spreading suspicions that then-President Donald Trump had conspired with Russia to rig the 2016 election.

Republicans have attempted to censure Schiff over those allegations twice this month, each time falling short of the 218 majority votes required to carry the motion.

The motion was defeated last week when several Republicans objected and voted against it. However, it passed this week after all Republicans supported it.

The $16 million penalties in the original bill language led 20 GOP members to oppose the proposal.

Later, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) eliminated that clause, garnering the support required to pass the measure on Wednesday.

Tuesday, Luna filed the privileged request, criticizing Schiff for promoting the debunked Christopher Steele dossier while pushing unsubstantiated claims of a Trump-Russia connection.

After the Durham report was published earlier this year and it was determined that the FBI lacked the appropriate justification to begin the Crossfire Hurricane investigation against Trump and Russia in 2016, those assertions came under further scrutiny.

The investigation was inherently flawed as there was no legitimate foundation for it, and the report also discovered that the campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a sizable part in pushing charges of collusion to the media and the FBI.

Schiff has voted against the motion, claiming that it wastes House resources.

Regarding the censure vote, Schiff remarked, “This is a badge of honor.” “They target those who are productive. I make the past president’s corruption public. I oversaw the first attempt to remove a president from office by leading the former president’s impeachment trial.”

A censure vote has no practical consequences, nor does it remove a member of Congress from office. Instead, the action is a symbolic vote to voice displeasure with a lawmaker on their voting history or personal behavior.

However, Schiff may regret the decision if he seeks to succeed retiring Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

The topic would then be forwarded to the Ethics Committee for an investigation if the resolution were to pass a full vote before the House on Wednesday night.

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