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Home News Biden ‘Proud of Son’ Amid Guilty Plea for Tax and Gun Violations – No Jail Time

Biden ‘Proud of Son’ Amid Guilty Plea for Tax and Gun Violations – No Jail Time

Biden ‘Proud of Son’ Amid Guilty Plea for Tax and Gun Violations – No Jail Time

( – Republicans criticized the president’s comments as being a part of a “sweetheart deal” that allowed Hunter Biden to avoid more serious charges and jail time. It was his first time speaking on camera about the allegations.

President Joe Biden said, “I’m very proud of my son” to a reporter at a gathering in California after Hunter Biden agreed to confess to two tax offenses and one gun law violation.

The Messenger claims that during a White House abortion event on Tuesday, First Lady Jill Biden disregarded a shouted inquiry concerning the plea agreement.

White House spokesperson Ian Sams said, “The President and First Lady love their son and support him as he continues to rebuild his life.”

Various accounts disagree whether Hunter Biden’s federal investigations will be terminated as part of the plea agreement.

In a statement, David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for Delaware, said: “The investigation is ongoing.”

According to a person familiar with the plea agreement, according to a Politico report, it is “intended to be a comprehensive resolution of Hunter Biden’s potential legal liability in all matters investigated by federal authorities.”

“Republicans have alleged in recent years, among other things, that his business operations and his lucrative position on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma constituted corruption or violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act,” according to the newspaper.

The individual said, “This is the end of it.”

Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Christopher Clark, hinted that his client could proceed after the plea agreement.

“My impression is that Hunter’s five-year inquiry is over,” Clark said. “I am aware that Hunter feels it is critical to own up to the errors he committed during a time of struggle and addiction in his life. He anticipates advancing and completing his recuperation.”

This is proof that a two-tiered justice system exists.

The next time a Democrat talks about the need for more gun control or claims there was some ‘white privilege’ injustice – remind them of how Hunter got ZERO jail time because his last name is Biden.

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