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Home News Hawaii in Ashes – Biden FINALLY Drops In, 850 Still Unfound

Hawaii in Ashes – Biden FINALLY Drops In, 850 Still Unfound

Hawaii in Ashes – Biden FINALLY Drops In, 850 Still Unfound

( – President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden finally traveled to the island of Maui in Hawaii to assess the aftermath of devastating wildfires that occurred earlier in the month and caused significant damage.

The destructive fire, thought to be the worst in the United States in more than a century, struck the island over two weeks ago.

The president and first lady flew above the fire debris to observe the damage firsthand. They took a walking tour of the historic town of Lahaina. They also had conversations with responders and survivors.

Mr. Biden stated during a speech in Maui, “We’re going to be with you, the whole country will be with you for as long as it takes.”

“We’re going to rebuild in the manner that the Maui people want built.”

The death toll on the island has now reached at least 114, and there is growing criticism of the Biden administration’s handling of this historic disaster.

On August 21, Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen posted on Facebook that 850 individuals were still unaccounted for and that search and rescue operations were ongoing.

Mr. Bissen states, “We are both saddened and relieved about these numbers. The number of people who have been identified will increase as we work to retrieve them, while the number of people who are still missing could drop. The numbers, however, will fluctuate regularly as relatives are added to and deleted from the list.”

As of August 20, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported that the search for remains in Maui County was 78% complete.

During an interview with CBS News’s “Face the Nation” on August 20, Hawaii Governor Josh Green expressed concern regarding recovering the bodies of those killed in the flames.

Because of the fire’s warmth, Mr. Green said, “we do have extreme concerns that the remains of those who have died, in some cases, may be impossible to recover meaningfully.” As a result, some people will be lost forever.

According to the White House, more than 1,000 federal employees are present on Maui and providing crucial assistance, such as search and rescue efforts, victim identification, and distribution of necessary supplies.

Over $8 million in assistance, including about $3 million in initial rental aid, has already been approved by the Biden administration for nearly 2,500 homes on the island. How much was sent to Ukraine?

President Biden stated in a statement released on August 20 before his trip, “My heart, my prayers, and my focus are on the victims of the Maui wildfires and their families.”

“I am aware of the devastating effects that a loss can have on a family and a community, and I am also aware that there is no way to make up for a death. I’ll exert every effort to aid Maui in moving past this tragedy and re-establishing itself. And in whatever we do, we keep the respect of important places, people, and traditions in mind.”

Biden appointed FEMA Region 9 Administrator Bob Fenton as Maui’s chief federal response coordinator to direct the long-term rehabilitation and rebuilding activities as part of the administration’s response efforts.

Communities are still recovering from the shock and loss of the wildfires, which broke out on August 8. There are also questions regarding the efficacy of the response efforts.

“We’re not particularly political here. We don’t really lean one way or the other, but Biden has really let us down, said Mike Cicchino,” a native of Hawaii, to NewsNation.

He insisted that the government had to be more open.

To escape the fire in Lahaina, Mr. Cicchino and his wife dove into the water and waded around for more than three hours.

“Some people are receiving $700 from FEMA. We’re not upset about not receiving the total $700, though. However, giving individuals just $700 to survive when they have just lost everything—their homes, belongings, and even their loved ones—is demeaning. More aid is required,” he continued.

The fires have raised questions about responsibility and emergency response procedures.

The Biden administration has pledged billions to aid in the reconstruction of Hawaii.

Despite repeated requests for accountability, it hasn’t yet committed to a federal probe into the disaster’s causes.

The numerous warning sirens throughout the island to alert Lahaina residents to the fire that had devastated their communities were not turned on by the state’s disaster management organization.

Additionally, efforts to extinguish the fire were impeded by a state official’s decision to hold back water until it was too late.

Despite past warnings, Hawaiian utility providers have also come under fire for failing to take the proper precautions and investing in fire prevention insufficiently.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the Hawaiian power companies for failing to shut down the island’s electricity grid after being informed of Hurricane Dora’s impending high winds.

The president and first lady interrupted their vacation in Lake Tahoe to travel to Maui.

They reside at a home owned by billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer, who competed for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 but was defeated by Joe Biden.

They are accompanied by several family members, including Hunter Biden, the president’s son.

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