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Home News Conservative Kids’ Book Event Axed Over Deadly Threats

Conservative Kids’ Book Event Axed Over Deadly Threats

Conservative Kids’ Book Event Axed Over Deadly Threats

( – The creator of the well-known conservative Twitter account “Libs of TikTok,” Chaya Raicjik, planned a reading time for kids in New York. Unfortunately, the publishing company canceled the event after receiving threats.

The event aimed to have an alternative to a drag queen story hour.

According to a report by FOX News:

“Libs of TikTok’s NYC book event for kids canceled after receiving threats of ‘unsafe behavior.’

An upcoming New York City book event hosted by “LibsofTikTok” account owner and conservative children’schildren’s book author Chaya Raichik was canceled after receiving threats.

“Brave Books,” the publisher of Raichik’sRaichik’s conservative children’schildren’s book “No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern,” tweeted Friday that its Sunday story hour featuring Raichik, and Brave Books CEO Trent Talbot, had been canceled due to threats of “unsafe behavior” from some attendees.

The publisher wrote, “We have received threats of potentially inappropriate and unsafe behavior at the NYC story hour with Chaya Raichik on Sunday and advised Chaya to cancel the event.”

“We don’t want to take any chances with children being involved,” they added.

“We will find a way to combat this moving forward. Stay tuned for an announcement in the coming days.”

The story hour’s Eventbrite website also stated that it had been postponed; it was scheduled at “The Women’sWomen’s National Republican Club” on Sunday, March 19.

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On the page was a picture of the event’s flyer, which showed Raichik and Talbot clutching their picture books.

It suggested that the drag queen story hour, hosted by New York officials, including Attorney General Letitia James, the same Sunday, was a competing event to the contentious story hour.

Some conservatives voiced their opinion blasting ”Brave Books” for caving to the left-wing mob canceling the event.

According to book publisher “Brave Books,” a group of drag queens and activists dressed in black and white appeared on Friday at the Fayetteville Public Library in Fayetteville, Arkansas, to protest Christian actor-author Kirk Cameron’s story time program for families and kids.

The radical left will continue these hateful tactics as long as they know the threat of violence works.

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