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Home News Children’s Hospital Cuts Ties With Texas Over ‘Gen­der Tran­si­tion’ Investigation

Children’s Hospital Cuts Ties With Texas Over ‘Gen­der Tran­si­tion’ Investigation

Children’s Hospital Cuts Ties With Texas Over ‘Gen­der Tran­si­tion’ Investigation

( – In a major move, Seattle Children’s Hospital has chosen to no longer treat and perform gender-transition surgeries on minors from Texas.

This decision was made in response to a request made by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is conducting an inquiry, for the hospital to provide records about gender-affirming surgeries given to children.

Texas passed SB 14, a law in September 2023 that forbids the use of hormone therapy and surgery to help people under the age of 18 shift their gender identity.

Since then, the Attorney General’s Office has been watchful in upholding the law and ensuring that no domestic or foreign organization aids in its breach.

Attorney General Paxton opened an investigation into Seattle Children’s Hospital’s operations in November of the previous year after learning that the hospital treated kids from Texas with medical procedures linked to gender transition at its Seattle, Washington, location.

Additionally, it was revealed that the hospital was sending hormone-disrupting medication prescriptions back to patients and pharmacies inside the borders of Texas.

Seattle Children’s decided to take legal action against the state rather than submit to the Texas Attorney General’s office’s request for records and further information about these practices.

Despite this, the hospital maintains its unique position in offering gender-affirming surgeries.

“Seattle Children’s is the only pediatric academic medical center with fellowship-trained plastic surgeons who provide gender-affirming surgery in our region — Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho,” the website says. “We treat teens and young adults who are patients of Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic. We also accept patients who are receiving gender-affirming care through providers outside of Seattle Children’s.”

The Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic page indicates that individuals as young as nine years old are accepted for various procedures despite the hospital’s assertion that they only perform genital surgery on patients over the age of 18.

According to the website, they provide “brief mental health support,” “gender-affirming surgeries,” “gender-affirming hormones,” and puberty blockers in addition to their collaboration with the Autism Center.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, a hospital representative defended the practice of disfiguring children.

“We will continue to offer evidence-based gender-affirming care because it is lifesaving and aligned with our mission to help every patient live their healthiest and most fulfilling life possible,” a Seattle Children’s spokesman told the Daily Caller.

“Seattle Children’s providers are specifically trained to care for the unique needs of adolescents, teens, and young adults. This allows our team to offer personalized care that is tailored to meet each patient’s individual needs and goals,” he added.

But lately, this position has evolved. Seattle Children’s Hospital has essentially withdrawn its company registration in Texas, terminating its ability to conduct any business within the state, following months of legal and PR struggles.

“The parties have agreed that Seattle Children’s Hospital shall voluntarily withdraw its registration to Transact Business in the State of Texas and shall file a certificate of withdrawal with the Texas Secretary of State pursuant to section 9.011 of the Texas Business Organizations Code on or before April 26, 2024,” according to the agreement.

Additionally, Paxton was successful in forcing the biggest children’s hospital in the country to stop providing hormone therapy and other forms of transgender care to minors last year.

In a note to staff, Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) CEO Mark Wallace announced the decision, citing ongoing investigations and compliance with a new Texas legislation as important concerns.

The revelation follows the May 19 commencement of an investigation by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton into TCH to see whether the institution is “actively engaging in illegal behavior and performing “gender transitioning” procedures on children.”

Should children’s hospitals be permitted to perform gender transition surgeries on kids?

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