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Home News AI-Generated Deepfake Nudes Targeting Minors Out of Control

AI-Generated Deepfake Nudes Targeting Minors Out of Control

AI-Generated Deepfake Nudes Targeting Minors Out of Control

( – The growing problem of boys utilizing AI apps to produce and distribute sexually explicit photographs of their female peers has prompted state legislators around the country to introduce legislation aimed at shielding children from this new kind of abuse.

In the meantime, Silicon Valley is still making billions off of the precise AI models that these lads are abusing.

According to the New York Times, the emergence of AI-powered “nudification” apps has given rise to a troubling trend in American schools: male students are using these tools to create child pornographic, or fictitious, nude photos of their female peers, which they then share on social media and messaging apps.

At least two dozen states have introduced legislation in response to this concerning trend, which aims to stop the dissemination of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated, sexually explicit photographs of minors—a.k.a. “deepfakes.”

“I hate the idea that I should have to worry about this happening again to any of my female friends, my sisters or even myself,” Ms. Mullet told state lawmakers during a hearing on the bill in January.

Several jurisdictions, such as South Dakota and Louisiana, have already passed legislation making it illegal to possess, produce, or distribute any content that depicts minors in sexual abuse that is generated by artificial intelligence.

These laws are intended to address the particular difficulties presented by deepfakes since victims of AI-generated explicit images may not be sufficiently protected by current rules addressing adult nonconsensual pornography or content involving child sexual abuse.

Legislation at the federal level has been presented to criminalize the disclosure of AI-generated intimate photos of identifiable adults or minors, as well as to allow victims to file civil lawsuits against those responsible.

The ability for victims to sue the creators of AI nudification applications is not expressly provided by these measures, a provision that trial lawyers feel would assist in stopping the widespread manufacturing of sexually explicit deepfakes.

States are attempting to enact legislation that targets exploitative AI imagery, and violators may face harsh penalties. As per the recent legislation in Louisiana, those who intentionally produce, disseminate, advertise, or market sexually explicit deepfakes of minors may be sentenced to a minimum of five to ten years in jail.

Two middle school boys were charged with third-degree felonies in Miami-Dade County for creating and sharing fake AI pictures of two female classmates in their underwear.

Should the parents of minors who create AI-generated deepfake nudes be held accountable?

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