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Home News Pro-Hamas Rioters Get an Instant REALITY CHECK in Texas

Pro-Hamas Rioters Get an Instant REALITY CHECK in Texas

Pro-Hamas Rioters Get an Instant REALITY CHECK in Texas

( – Earlier this week, hundreds of Texas Department of Public Safety officers repressed pro-Hamas demonstrators on the campus of the University of Texas.

Protesters in the nation’s capital city of Texas demonstrated in support of their fellow students at other prestigious universities around the country.

A post on Instagram claimed that the Palestine Solidarity Committee was in charge of planning the Austin demonstration. The group shared:

“Today, Palestine Solidarity Committee at the University of Texas started their Popular University movement on campus, and were welcomed by massive university and state trooper repression, with at least 16 arrests made so far.”

According to KVUE, Austin’s ABC affiliate, at least ten people had been arrested by 1 p.m. Central Time.

As Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers marched to the demonstration and started ejecting the demonstrators from campus, KXAN reporter Ryan Chandler took close-up pictures and videos of the action.

He reported on the troopers’ actions and the arrests made during the protest.

Following word from the University of Texas administration that the protesters would not be permitted to occupy this campus, as has been done at other campuses, the Texas Department of Public Safety took action.

Officials from UT advised the protest organizers to call off the event.


Chandler stated that hundreds of DPS troopers marched in response shortly after the demonstrators entered the UT campus.

“Not long after,” he said, “arrests started.”

After forming a skirmish line, the riot gear-clad troopers started forcing the demonstrators back.

Police from the DPS warned the crowd not to trespass and threatened to arrest them if they didn’t leave.

Gina Hinojosa, a Democratic state representative from Austin, expressed her opinions on X on the University and Texas DPS troopers’ activities. The behavior, in her words, was “out of hand.”

This is what happens when liberals try to bring their agendas to the great state of Texas.

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