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Home News CENSORSHIP! Trump Issued Gag Order by NY Judge

CENSORSHIP! Trump Issued Gag Order by NY Judge

CENSORSHIP! Trump Issued Gag Order by NY Judge

( – On the second day of New York Attorney General Letitia James’s civil fraud action against the former president, Donald Trump, New York Judge Arthur Engoron issued a gag order against him.

The gag order was issued after the court’s long lunch break on the second day, according to reports.

Trump tweeted a screen grab of a tweet on Tuesday that featured a picture of one of Engoron’s clerks standing next to Democratic Senate Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY).

Trump shared the full name of Engoron’s clerk on his Truth Social account and referred to her as “Schumer’s girlfriend.”

Trump asserted, “Schumer’s girlfriend is running this case against me.”

How disgraceful! “This case should be dismissed right away,” Trump continued.

Without mentioning Trump, Engoron stated, “This morning, one of the defendants posted to a social media account a disparaging, untrue post about a member of my staff.”

“Millions of people have received the post, even though I have since ordered its deletion,” the judge said.

Engoron said, “Personal attacks of my staff are inappropriate and I won’t tolerate them.” “Think of this as a gag order,” he added.

In addition, Engoron threatened to apply “serious sanctions” for breaking the gag order.

“I alerted counsel to this yesterday, and it was ignored,” he continued. “I will be extremely clear: there will be serious consequences for failing to follow this directive.”

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