(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – The sweeping success of a week-long statewide human trafficking operation, appropriately called “Operation Buyer’s Remorse,” was announced by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost on Monday.

The mission was to apprehend anyone trying to buy sex and locate victims of human trafficking.

Ohio is conducting a statewide assault on human trafficking for a week called “Operation Buyer’s Remorse.”

The Southeastern Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force and regional law enforcement organizations oversaw the operation.

Yost stated in a press release that “law enforcement throughout Ohio teamed up in a concerted effort to stem the demand that fuels human trafficking.”

In addition to the number of arrests, the operation’s success is determined by the resources provided to victims of human trafficking and the intelligence acquired that will further lengthy investigations.

According to reports last week, there has been a significant surge in the number of Ohio child disappearances.

Under AG Yost, the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission (OOCIC) oversaw the operation from September 25 through September 30.

The crackdown affected all parts of the state, including Portsmouth, Youngstown, Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Akron, and Marietta.

Thanks to well-planned “stings” carried out by OOCIC’s eight human trafficking and major crimes task units, the operation resulted in 160 arrests.

Numerous local law enforcement organizations that also carried out anti-human trafficking operations contributed to these efforts.

As part of continuing protracted investigations, search warrants were executed at 11 massage parlors accused of engaging in human trafficking crimes.

An EMT, nurses, teachers, retirees, former law enforcement officers, self-employed people, and delivery drivers are among the people who have been arrested.

The ages of the people arrested ranged from 17 to 84.

Following their interviews with law enforcement, 104 human trafficking survivors received services from social services and medical agencies.

“Nearly 100 law enforcement agencies and service organizations participated in this operation – I am grateful for each and every partner who dedicated their time and resources, as we all play a key role in the fight against human trafficking,” Yost added.

“Our message is simple: Don’t buy sex in Ohio!” Yost concluded.

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