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Home News Biden’s Electric Car Agenda Destroying Auto Industry, Empowers China

Biden’s Electric Car Agenda Destroying Auto Industry, Empowers China

Biden’s Electric Car Agenda Destroying Auto Industry, Empowers China

( – Former President Donald Trump said on Monday in a post courting the United Auto Workers (UAW) that President Joe Biden’s green program, which calls for switching to electric cars (EVs), will destroy Michigan’s auto industry and strengthen China.

In a Labor Day post on Truth Social, Trump warned that if Crooked Joe Biden’s crazy idea of “all Electric Cars” becomes law, “The Great State of Michigan will not have an auto industry anymore” and that it would be bad for Americans and good for China.

Biden has been under fire from the United Auto Workers (UAW) for his “green energy” program, citing the resultant wage reductions.

According to Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, major manufacturers now receive tax incentives for EVs produced in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

According to UAW President Shawn Fain, workers lose out once more as “the Big Three” automakers, Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, take billions in government subsidies to go electric.”

“There have been clear winners and losers and the same people who’ve always won, the corporate elite and the billionaire class, seem to think they can keep calling the shots,” Fain continued in a UAW video posted in July, noting that these benefits “aren’t trickling down to UAW members.”

According to Breitbart News:

“In particular, Fain points to GM’s closure of its manufacturing plant in Lordstown only a few years ago, which saw thousands laid off — a devastating blow to the small Ohio community.

Since then, GM has partnered with LG to open Ultium Cells, an EV battery plant that the automaker promised would bring high-paying, green energy jobs.

Dave Dellick of UAW Local 1112 said the Lordstown community thought the new EV battery plant “would be the next wave” of manufacturing jobs but said since the plant opened, “it hasn’t been good yet.”

According to a June article by Breitbart News, the UAW, representing more than 400,000 members from the working and middle classes, has decided against endorsing Biden because his government is “actively funding the race to the bottom” by promoting EVs.

Fain stated in an internal memo, “We want to see national leadership have our back on this before we make any commitments.”

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