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Home News What George Soros Is Plotting If Trump Gets Nominated

What George Soros Is Plotting If Trump Gets Nominated

What George Soros Is Plotting If Trump Gets Nominated

( – If Donald Trump secures the Republican Party’s nomination for the 2024 presidential election, billionaire liberal donor George Soros shared his strategy on what he will do to stop him from becoming president.

One of the most powerful radical organizations in the world, Soros’ Open Society Institute, is getting ready for the likely scenario in which Trump’s name appears on the ballot.

In a piece for Politico, Soros’ son Alex gives the go-ahead for his father’s non-profit to launch a campaign against Trump in the 2024 election, outlining how the group will reorient its priorities to do so.

“As someone who spends up to half their time working on the Continent and thinks former United States President Donald Trump — or at least someone with his isolationist and anti-European policies — will be the Republican nominee, I believe a MAGA-style Republican victory in next year’s U.S. presidential election could, in the end, be worse for the EU than for the U.S. Such an outcome will imperil European unity and undermine the progress achieved on many fronts in response to the war in Ukraine.”

Charlie Kirk, a conservative, predicted the motives behind Soros’s desire to influence the 2024 election.

The liberal Open Society Institute reaffirmed its support for Ukraine and the Biden Administration’s plans to transfer millions of dollars in government money to the nation.

“To begin with, there should be absolutely no doubt that we will continue to support our foundation in Ukraine. We are proud that the network of civil society groups it has assisted, with over $250 million since 2014, has played such an important role in Kyiv’s resilience in the face of Russia’s horrific war of aggression.”

Soros played a significant role in the Orange Revolution 2004, which resulted in the election of Viktor Yushchenko, a pro-NATO politician currently under investigation for corruption.

The International Renaissance Foundation, which Soros supported, was eventually shown to have helped Ukraine secure its 2004 presidential election.

“Americans meddled in the internal affairs of Ukraine,” according to a Washington Post piece by Michael McFaul, who claimed that their activities affected political change in the foreign nation.

“Whether linked or unrelated, it is essential to note that, earlier this year, Alex Soros and many other prominent Democratic donors were welcomed at Vice President Kamala Harris’ private residence by the White House,” according to visitor records.

According to a Washington Free Beacon investigation, this was Soros’ or a member of his family’s 21st meeting with a Biden Administration official.

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