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Home News Biden Sinks in Polls: Public Outraged Over Economy, Immigration, Guns!

Biden Sinks in Polls: Public Outraged Over Economy, Immigration, Guns!

Biden Sinks in Polls: Public Outraged Over Economy, Immigration, Guns!

( – President Joe Biden is dealing with declining public approval ratings in various important areas as he prepares to start his reelection campaign in 2024.

Only 33% of American adults, according to a poll issued on Monday, think Biden is doing a decent job managing the economy, and only 24% think things are going well.

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research conducted the poll, providing meager approval ratings.

They emerged before Biden’s early Monday return from a trip to Hiroshima, Japan, for the annual G7 summit, when the president put Russia’s invasion of Ukraine front and center rather than the domestic issues quietly dividing people at home.

According to reports, some voters even believe that 80-year-old Joe Biden should be impeached because of the way he has handled his duties as president.

Even before he makes a single announcement asking American voters to support him in his bid to win back the White House, the results, according to the AP, reveal Biden is up against severe headwinds. The source reports:

“Public approval of Biden’s handling of the economy remains low in a time of high inflation, a difficult housing market, and concerns about a potential U.S. government debt default. American opinion is also gloomy about Biden’s efforts on gun policy and immigration, with only 31% saying they approve of the president’s performance on those hot-button issues.

Overall, 40% say they approve of the way Biden is doing his job, similar to where his approval rating has stood for much of the past year and a half.”

Even among Democrats, Biden underperforms on the economy: 61 percent of them think well of him, compared to 75 percent who think well of him.

Democrats continue to be more likely than Republicans to say the country is moving in the right way (36 percent vs. seven percent) or to assess the economy as good (41 percent vs. seven percent) while feeling less than enthused about the economy under Biden’s watch.

As the deadline for defaulting in June approaches, Biden will pick up the contentious debt ceiling talks with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Monday. This will be another crucial test for his administration.

McCarthy tweeted, “Just got off the phone with the President while he’s out of the country.” “My stance has not altered. Washington cannot keep spending money that we do not have on our offspring and grandchildren. He and I will meet in person to continue discussions tomorrow.”

Janet Yellen, the secretary of the Treasury, reiterated that June is the “hard deadline” by which the government must raise the debt ceiling to avoid defaulting.

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