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Home News America Stands Strong: Remembering 9-11, 22 Years Later

America Stands Strong: Remembering 9-11, 22 Years Later

America Stands Strong: Remembering 9-11, 22 Years Later

( – Twenty-two years ago today, the US came under attack by radical Islam. Al-Qaeda, an Islamic organization, carried out a series of well-planned attacks that resulted in 2,997 deaths.

On September 14, 2001, former President George W. Bush gave a bullhorn address to emergency rescue workers at Ground Zero in New York.

He said, “I can hear you. You are heard by the rest of the world. Additionally, those responsible for demolishing these structures will soon hear from us all.”

Since then, radical Islamists have carried out over 42,000 violent attacks worldwide.

And the United States and her proud patriots have stopped them in their tracks.

Here is a memorial for the 9-11 attack victims:

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