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Home News (WATCH) Mayor’s On-Stage Spanking by Drag Queen!

(WATCH) Mayor’s On-Stage Spanking by Drag Queen!

(WATCH) Mayor’s On-Stage Spanking by Drag Queen!

( – Burbank city Mayor Konstantine Anthony was filmed getting spanked by a drag queen at a fundraiser for a Democratic senate candidate in California.

When the social media user LibsofTikTok asserted that children had been present at the event, the uproar rose to unprecedented heights.

LibsofTiktok wrote on her Substack, “Another day, another outrageous drag show, but hold on! Somehow, this one is worse. Burbank city mayor Konstantine Anthony received a SPANK from a drag queen at a fundraiser with a drag theme for a Democratic senate candidate in California.”

Mayor Konstantine Anthony’s response to being called out in the comments section of the original video was, “Jealous?,” which was hardly an apology.

Many have questioned whether the mayor believes this behavior is appropriate in light of his prior approval of the vulgar book “Gender Queer” for distribution in Burbank schools.

However, when the event’s age restriction was questioned, the dispute changed course.

The mayor said the gathering was a “private 21+ event” and “no children were present.”

“Actually, there weren’t any children at this private 21+ event. But of course, lying is totally on brand for you,” Anthony responded to LibsofTiktok’s post.

“So why does the advertisement say 15+?” LibsofTiktok refuted.

This claim conflicted with the drag queen performer’s Instagram post, which indicated that attendees must be at least 15 years old and included the disclaimer, “Not suitable for children.”

After being accused of lying about the age restriction, the mayor responded to these conflicting allegations: “Despite advertising, there were no children at the event. But you wouldn’t know because you weren’t present. Right, speculation and lying are easier.”

“You lied, and we found out. Your credibility was destroyed. I hope you got a good paddling, mate,” LibsofTiktok wrote.

A picture of a child who was supposedly at the event was shared by LibsofTiktok.

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