(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – A recently appointed elementary school principal who performs as a drag queen and has previously been charged with child pornography is being called for immediate firing by a school district superintendent in Oklahoma.

Dr. Shane Murnan, 52, the drag queen story hour participant who acts as Shantel Mandalay at the Boom and hosts Thirsty Thursday and Sunday Night Karaoke, has been named the new principal of John Glenn Elementary, according to Fox News Digital.

According to the head of the school system, Ryan Walters, the initiative is intended to indoctrinate kids with dangerous Marxist philosophies and set them against their parents.

“I hear from parents every day that are concerned with this woke left-wing indoctrination of schools, this gender theory that continues to be thrust upon our kids,” Walters told Fox New Digital. “It’s completely inappropriate.”

When it was unclear whether the images on Murnan’s electronic devices showed children, the child pornography case against him was dismissed during a preliminary hearing more than 20 years ago, according to Fox News Digital.

Despite acknowledging Murnan’s prior transgressions, Western Heights Public Schools commends him for having an “outstanding reputation” in teaching.

“He holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, a Masters of Education in Educational Administration, and a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration,” the statement from the school district reads. “We welcome Dr. Murnan to Western Heights, and we are very excited about his vision for John Glenn and the community.”

Murnan has the titles of Miss Gay Oklahoma America and Miss Gay Oklahoma USA in drag queen performances. At the Metropolitan Library System’s story hour in June, Murnan participated.

“No parent wants to send their kids to school knowing that they could be exposed to this radical gender theory in any capacity,” Walters told Fox News Digital. “This woke war on our kids has to stop. We will not allow it in Oklahoma. This is the liberal insanity that every parent wants out of the classroom.”

Drag queens have infiltrated educational institutions before. According to a drag queen performer who also serves on the school board, the enactment of regulations banning drag queen performances for children in New Jersey was dubbed a “disservice to young minds,” according to Breitbart News.

There are laws prohibiting drag queen performances in public in more than 12 states.

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