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Home News WATCH: Pro-Abortion Ad Portrays Cops Arresting Pregnant Female

WATCH: Pro-Abortion Ad Portrays Cops Arresting Pregnant Female

WATCH: Pro-Abortion Ad Portrays Cops Arresting Pregnant Female

( – Far-left A pro-abortion video ad featuring California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) shows an Alabama police officer pulling over a woman, forcing her to take a pregnancy test, and handcuffing her on the hood.

Take a look:

“Alabama’s abortion ban has no exceptions for rape or incest,” Newsom writes in his Sunday X post. “Now, Republicans are trying to criminalize young women’s travel to receive abortion care. We cannot let them get away with this.”

Politico claims that Newsom’s advertisement is directed against an Alabama measure that would criminalize anyone who assists minors in getting abortions without disclosing the information to their parents or guardians.

What responses are people giving?

As one might expect, Newsom has received some harsh criticism from prominent X users in several of their responses:

  • “This is unhinged even for you,” OutKick’s Clay Travis wrote.
  • “Y’all want to kill babies so badly,” independent journalist Alex Rosen stated.
  • “Please tell me this is a parody video,” “MAGA2024” activist Vince Langman added. “If not, it’s even funnier.”
  • “This f**king moron just posted a video of a cop walking up to a woman’s car with a pregnancy test in his hand,” free-speech activist Philip Anderson noted.

Others couldn’t agree more:

  • “This is total propaganda,” one user said.
  • “Hyperbolic nonsense,” another commenter noted. “This is why we hate you. This is why we fight you.”
  • “Gavin, maybe you should move to communist Russia where you would feel more at home,” another user suggested.
  • “Democrats and especially Gavin Newsom love to plant fear in their base because they know that their base will fall for it every time,” another commenter observed. “This fear-based commercial is like an SNL skit.”

What are your thoughts about this pro-abortion ad?

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