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World Powers Rush to Aid Turkey, Syria after Earthquake

World Powers Rush to Aid Turkey, Syria after Earthquake

( Following a catastrophic earthquake that killed more than 5,000 people in Turkey and Syria, nations from all over the world quickly mobilized to provide aid and rescue teams.

From all across the world, support was offered. Here are some of the significant support commitments.

DONATE: In Turkey and Syria, Red Crescent Teams Responding to Earthquake – American Red Cross

Union of Europe
According to EU crisis management commissioner Janez Lenarcic, the European Union has dispatched 27 search and rescue and medical teams from 19 nations to aid Turkey, totaling more than 1,150 rescuers and 70 rescue dogs.

United States
To bolster Turkish search and rescue efforts, US forces are “deploying fast,” according to US President Joe Biden.

John Kirby, a spokesperson for national security, announced that two 79-person search and rescue teams were being sent by the United States, while USAID and the Pentagon were liaising with their Turkish counterparts.


According to official media, China claimed the first Chinese rescue teams arrived in Turkey on Tuesday and provided $5.9 million in emergency relief, including medical and rescue teams, to the nation.

According to state broadcaster CCTV, China will coordinate “urgently required disaster relief goods” for Syria, according to Deng Boqing, vice director of the China International Development Cooperation Agency.

However, Deng did not specify how much would be supplied.


According to foreign minister James Cleverly, the UK is sending a team of 76 search and rescue personnel, equipment, and rescue dogs. An emergency medical team from Britain was also dispatched to investigate the situation on the ground.


In phone conversations with Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin committed to sending teams to both nations.

According to the defense ministry, the cleanup effort was being assisted by 300 military men who were stationed in Syria.

World Organization

“Our teams are evaluating the needs and offering help on the ground. According to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, “We count on the international community to assist the hundreds of families affected by this calamity, many of whom were already in desperate need of humanitarian aid in places where access is difficult.


The foreign ministry reported that two of India’s 100-person National Disaster Response Force teams, dog squads, and equipment were prepared to be transported to the impacted area. Additionally, doctors and paramedics with medications were getting ready.

The killings in Turkey and Syria, where India and Turkey have tense relations, angered and upset Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Three million people of Turkish descent live in Germany, which will “mobilise all the help we can activate,” according to interior minister Nancy Faeser.


The war-torn nation of Ukraine, according to its president Volodymyr Zelensky, is “ready to provide the necessary support to overcome the consequences of the calamity.”


Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis promised to use “all force possible” to assist its neighbor. Greece is an old foe of Turkey, and recent border and cultural issues have strained relations between Athens and Athens.


After receiving a request through diplomatic channels, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared he had approved the delivery of aid to Syria, whose government does not recognize Israel. Officials in Damascus denied that they asked for assistance.

According to Netanyahu, the government will also send Turkey humanitarian supplies.

Gulf nations

Qatar announced that it would send 120 rescuers, “a field hospital, humanitarian supplies, tents, and winter equipment” to Turkey.

The United Arab Emirates promised to provide Syria with over $13.6 million, including search and rescue personnel, immediate relief items, and emergency aid.

According to the official news agency WAM, the UAE has sent its first jet to southern Turkey, where it intends to set up a field hospital.


President Ebrahim Raisi expressed condolences for the “heartbreaking catastrophe” and stated that Iran is prepared to offer “urgent relief aid to these two fraternal nations.”

According to civil defense, the nation deployed a risk-management team of 89 people, including medical personnel, to Turkey with 17 tonnes of equipment. A second team will travel to Syria.


According to officials, President Kais Saied authorized “humanitarian aid” for Turkey and Syria, which included 14 tonnes of blankets and food. Tunis also requested military planes from Tunisia to transport volunteer medical personnel.


The Japan Disaster Relief Rescue Team is being sent to Turkey by the government of that country, which frequently experiences earthquakes.

DONATE: In Turkey and Syria, Red Crescent Teams Responding to Earthquake – American Red Cross

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