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Home News Why Conservatives Are Turning Their Backs On Bud Light And Jack Daniels

Why Conservatives Are Turning Their Backs On Bud Light And Jack Daniels

Why Conservatives Are Turning Their Backs On Bud Light And Jack Daniels

( – Since their collaboration with a transgender activist sparked an online uproar and demands for a boycott of the brand, Bud Light has not posted anything on social media.

According to a representative for Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, the firm “works with hundreds of influencers across our brands as one of many ways to truly connect with audiences across various demographics,” according to Newsweek on Monday.

Mulvaney’s commemorative can “was a gift to honor a personal milestone and is not for sale to the general public,” they continued.

In a video he shared with his 1.7 million Instagram followers on April 2, Dylan Mulvaney stated that Bud Light had sent him a customized can with his face on it to celebrate 365 days of being a female.

The controversy surrounding transgender brand ambassadors is representative of a more considerable discussion over transgender women’s engagement in female concerns and venues.

While some believe transgender women should be treated the same as ordinary women, others contend their differences call for protecting previously fought-for women’s rights.

At an open bar at an event in Iowa, supporters of Kari Lake, the Trump-backed GOP candidate for governor of Arizona in 2022, declined to drink Bud Light in response to calls for a boycott of the brew.

In a popular video, musician Kid Rock shot numerous cases of Bud Lite. In a video he shared on Twitter on Tuesday, Kid Rock stated, “Grandpa’s feeling a bit frisky today.”

There were also tears in his eyes, and he was wearing a MAGA hat and a hoodie that advertised the inaugural annual Kid Rock Fish Fry.

The musician added, “Let me say something to all of you, and be as plain and concise as possible.”

The next seven seconds were spent by Kid Rock firing his weapon at a 50-foot-distance display of 12-packs of Bud Light.

Kid Rock turned back to the camera as beer cans exploded uttering the words, “F**k Anheuser-Busch and f**k Bud Light.”

Conservatives in public quickly voiced their discontent. “Do you honestly believe that selling beer by having a male pose as a woman is how you do it?” asked political pundit Tomi Lahren in a tweet directed at the company.

Michael Crispi, a former candidate for the New Jersey congressional seat, tweeted, “Boycott Bud Lite and NEVER DRINK IT AGAIN EVER,” while Robby Starbuck, a former candidate for the Tennessee congressional primary, wrote, “I never desired a beer less than this.”

Using the hashtag #GoWokeGoBrokeBudLight, conservatives are posting videos of Bud Light being dumped down the sink.

Although defending the alliance, the company, which had often been tweeting in the days before the controversy, now appears to weather the social media storm by remaining silent.

Mulvaney has cooperated with various firms, including the fashion label Kate Spade. He started documenting his shift on TikTok and has already racked up over 10 million followers.

He spoke with President Joe Biden on transgender rights at the White House in October. On March 13, Vice President Kamala Harris sent him a letter commemorating her first year as a trans woman.

“You continue to break barriers and inspire young people across our country and around the world,” Harris said to Mulvaney.

Some Twitter users pointed out that Bud Light had been a partner of LGBT Pride “for over 20 years” in response to demands for a boycott of the company.

Others emphasized that other significant beer brands vowed to support the LGBTQ+ community.

The topic of transgender rights is becoming increasingly divisive. In a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center last year, it was discovered that 38% of respondents thought society had accepted transgender persons excessively. In comparison, 36% thought it had not gone far enough.

Bud Light is not the only company that has come under fire for its alliance with transgender activists, and requests have been made to stop drinking it.

Despite the “small town, big pride” commercial from whiskey manufacturer Jack Daniel’s partnering with drag queens from Ru Paul’s Drag Race being nearly two years old, social media users have taken offense at it since calls to boycott Bud Light.

In June 2021, Jack Daniels announced that it had collaborated with three drag queens from the popular TV program to create a collection of videos titled Drag Queen Summer Glamp, unveiled in June.

Participants are required to do tasks at the company’s Lynchburg, Tennessee, distillery.

The whiskey producers described it as “a bold new experience—for both the queens and their hosts” at the time. Lauren Richmond, then-brand manager for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, said that while being an “unexpected relationship,” the campaign “reaffirms our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community.”

As one of the drag queens in the ad said, “Jack Daniel’s gets drag culture—which is all about celebrating originality and allowing others to accept you as you are.”

Another attendee, Manila Luzon, remarked, “This is how Pride should be celebrated: with friends, new and old, in a setting you wouldn’t anticipate.”

Since then, the episodes as well as other marketing materials have been made available on the business’s website. The website states, “Jack Fire and Pride go together like cinnamon and whiskey.”

Jack Daniel’s support for the LGBTQ+ community has been well-documented for 22 months. Still, it is now being questioned more than ever because transgender rights and liberties are a significant point of contention in the cultural wars.

Jack Daniel’s has “gone full woke,” according to Benny Johnson, a political columnist, and representative of the non-profit Turning Point USA, who also stated on April 5 that this was “a *good* business move given Jack Daniels is only ordered by the mentally sick already.”

Country singer-songwriter Travis Tritt tweeted one of the campaign’s promotional photos along with the message, “Drinkers of the whiskey should take attention.”

“Are you seriously kidding me?” a user posted. “Time to leave their merchandise on the racks in the stores.”

“Jack Daniels you just lost a devoted drinker, never again,” remarked another.

If the goal of Anheuser Busch and Bud Light is to attract younger crowds, shouldn’t it be targeting all sports fans? In his video, Mulvaney admits he didn’t know what March Madness was!

Many conservatives feel the far-left is promoting not only transgenderism but also child grooming and pedophilia while also pandering to the ‘woke’ far-left mob.

But more importantly, the push for transgenderism by “woke” companies like Jack Daniels and Anheuser Busch is “a slap in the face” for “actual” women who are being replaced by so-called “transgender people.”

It attacks hard-working women who have sacrificed and fought for rights that men are now taking over. America is better than this, and women deserve better.

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