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Home News What Debt Ceiling?! Biden To Give Ukraine $375M Instead

What Debt Ceiling?! Biden To Give Ukraine $375M Instead

What Debt Ceiling?! Biden To Give Ukraine $375M Instead

( – According to representatives of the Biden and Zelensky administrations, the U.S. will give Ukraine another $375 million in alleged “military aid.”

Since the country was invaded by Russia last year, President Joe Biden’s administration has regularly injected billions of dollars worth of armaments into it. He is expected to announce the latest injection of weapons and ammunition soon.

POLITICO reported that additional artillery rounds, armored vehicles, and anti-tank weapons would be part of the “aid” being supplied to the East.

The article asserts that the weapons will probably help in the Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russian positions in the territory, and it adds that there would probably be “months of hard fighting” in the future.

The additional $3 billion in aid given to Ukraine earlier this month due to a purported “accounting error” is being supplied in addition to this package.

The U.S. taxpayer has spent $46.6 billion since Russia invaded Ukraine last year on weapons shipments, $26.4 billion on financial assistance, and $2.9 billion on humanitarian relief, according to the Keil Institute.

Although the U.S. government under Biden has already pledged to spend over $113 billion on the war-torn nation, this amount is higher than the defense budget of most countries.

Despite the fight being close to the E.U., the shocking quantity of money sent from America to the former Soviet state for military equipment, guns, and ammo is more significant than that sent from all the European countries combined.

The Biden administration has stated that it will support Western friends who send their advanced F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. The President also informed the G7 that his nation would assist in Ukrainian pilot training.

As a result of the nation’s excessive spending, Biden has had less success persuading Republicans to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. A government shutdown is now anticipated later this summer.

Meanwhile, Americans continue to suffer at home with high prices of food and gas, open borders, rampant crime surges, and drug crises.

Let’s not forget our debt; the Biden regime continues to ignore the rapidly approaching debt ceiling limit, which will cripple America to its core if not passed.

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