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Home News WHAT?! AMA Proposes Uterus Transplants for Men

WHAT?! AMA Proposes Uterus Transplants for Men

WHAT?! AMA Proposes Uterus Transplants for Men

( – The American Medical Association (AMA) has proposed taxpayer-funded uterine transplants to treat transgender women. These biological men believe they are female to “consolidate” their preferred gender.

The question was raised in an article titled “Should Uterus Transplantation for Transwomen and Transmen Be Subsidized?” in the June issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

The article’s author said that successful uterine transplantation (UTx) in biological females “suggests that transwomen and some transmen will also likely have interest in this intervention.”

The entry’s analysis is based on the accurate assertion that many taxpayers will not be as eager to support such treatments for biological males.

According to the article, transgender women might be interested in uterine transplants not only to carry their own children but also to “consolidate their identities,” or to support their preferred gender.

The report places the cost of a uterine transplant between $100,000 to $300,000. Still, it also points out that this is frequently paid by organizations, grants, or even insurance in some circumstances.

Although the report acknowledges “no uterus transplant to date in transwomen that we know of,” it mentions certain specialists who think it would be feasible.

It further contends that biological men who think they are women could face psychological discomfort because they lack female bodily components.

Consequently, uterine transplants might be an excellent way to fix that.

According to the analysis, “Transwomen lack a trait (the capacity to bear children) that may lead them to encounter psychological dissonance in a way that compromises their health and well-being.”

The absence of a uterus eliminates the possibility of carrying a kid in a way that is only available to women as a class.

It follows that being uterus-free is a barrier to thoroughly enjoying the social benefits associated with women’s identities.

Although a uterus transplant is biologically impossible, the analysis highlights that it might just aid misled men in solidifying their identities as women.

A uterine transplant, the report argues, may be seen as “less important” than other trans operations, such as face feminization surgery.

“Their masculine-typical look may lead to social discrimination, threats of discrimination, and actual injury.

It concludes that facial feminization can considerably lessen such hardship while acknowledging the lack of “outward benefit” of a uterine transplant.

Despite this, it is evident that a surgery of this nature still provides the benefit of gender affirmation.

There are still many unanswered questions, and according to the AMA, transgender women would probably join ciswomen in asking for financial assistance from public and private payers for the treatment.

Dr. Marty Makary, a medical expert on Fox News, is one of those who has questioned the AMA.

Makary stated, “It is strange that the AMA mainly focuses on this activist viewpoint rather than funding the crucial research we need in transgender medicine.”

“What percentage of people regret having transition surgery? He concluded that such studies are “not being done” and wondered, “What is the long-term complication rate of hormones?”

“They have opted to take an activist stance rather than provide cash for those studies,” Makary continued.

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