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Home News Trump Says Biden Crime Family Corruption 100X BIGGER Than ‘Watergate’

Trump Says Biden Crime Family Corruption 100X BIGGER Than ‘Watergate’

Trump Says Biden Crime Family Corruption 100X BIGGER Than ‘Watergate’

( – President Joe Biden’s family corruption, according to former President Donald Trump, is “100 times bigger than Watergate,” according to prepared remarks for a speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition, just days after bombshell allegations about the Biden family were disclosed by an IRS whistleblower.

Trump opens his address by mentioning the IRS whistleblower who just came forward and claimed that Biden’s son Hunter was sitting beside him.

At the same time, Hunter demanded payment from CCP-affiliated Chinese billionaire Henry Zhao in 2017.

After that, Trump said, “Within 10 days, the Bidens’ collected $5.1 million from China for no reason,” and continued, “They’ve taken in tens of millions of dollars from China.”

According to his prepared remarks, Trump states that the levels of corruption inside the Biden family are “100 times bigger than Watergate.”

The former president also intends to highlight how, under the Biden Administration, “Christians are being persecuted like nothing this nation has ever seen before.”

“As a result, under Biden, Christians are experiencing persecution beyond anything ever witnessed in this country. Parents have been targeted at school board meetings by Biden’s crooked DOJ. SWAT squads have been dispatched to detain pro-life advocates,” Trump declared in his address.

“Like the Soviet Union in the past, the FBI has been exposed for designating devoted Catholics as domestic terrorists and placing undercover spies within Catholic churches.”

“How can you vote for Democrats if you are a Christian? Trump continues, “They want to destroy your nation and religion.”

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