(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – In a segment of an interview with the Fox News Channel that aired on Monday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responded to allegations in the federal indictment against him.

He contested an accusation that he showed a secret document to other people by claiming that there was no such document and that “these were newspaper stories, magazine stories, and articles.” While he was out of office, he was unable to declassify anything, but he claimed that “there was nothing to declassify.”

Trump said, “It wasn’t a piece of paper. I was surrounded by paper. Newspaper articles were copies that I had. I had publications in my possession.”

“I couldn’t declassify it right away,” he said, “because I wasn’t the president. I was always really front about that. I am unable to declassify when I am not the president.”

He added, “That, however, wasn’t a paper. Bret, no document was present. That was a significant collection of papers and other materials discussing Iran and other topics. And it might or might not have been supported.

“That, however, was not a document. I didn’t actually have a document. Nothing needed to be declassified. These were articles, magazine articles, and newspaper reports,” he said.

Earlier in the interview, he claimed that “to my knowledge,” he had no war plans against Iran. However, everything was made public.

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