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Home News Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Ordered to Report to Prison by July 1

Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Ordered to Report to Prison by July 1

Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Ordered to Report to Prison by July 1

( – A federal judge on Thursday gave former top Trump strategist Steve Bannon instructions to report to prison on July 1 to start serving his four-month sentence for contempt of Congress.

In July 2022, Bannon, 70, was found guilty of contempt for allegedly ignoring a subpoena to appear before the congressional panel looking into the Trump supporters’ attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

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One of the driving forces behind Trump’s triumphant 2016 presidential campaign, he was given a four-month prison sentence in October 2022 but has since stayed out of jail to contest the ruling.

Last month, a US federal appeals court confirmed the conviction. During a court hearing on Thursday, US District Judge Carl Nichols revoked his bail and directed him to surrender to prison by July 1.

Bannon told reporters outside the courthouse Thursday that “all of this is about one thing. This is about shutting down the MAGA movement, shutting down grassroots conservatives, shutting down President Trump.”

“Merrick Garland, Lisa Monaco, the entire Justice Department — they’re not going to shut up Trump. They’re not going to shut up Navarro. They’re not going to shut up Bannon. And they’re certainly not going to shut up MAGA!” added Bannon.

Peter Navarro, a prominent Trump advisor, was found guilty of contempt of Congress and was sentenced to four months in a Florida prison in March.

As a result of his conduct related to the Republican former president’s attempts to rescind the results of the 2020 election, Navarro, 74, is the most senior former member of the Trump administration to have served time in prison.

For the first seven months of Trump’s presidency, Bannon was the chief strategist in the White House. He is said to have left because of disagreements with other senior staff members.

He was accused of wire fraud and money laundering in 2020 after receiving millions of dollars from contributors intended for the building of a wall along the border with Mexico for his own use.

Before leaving office in January 2021, Trump granted Bannon a sweeping pardon, which resulted in the accusations against him being dropped, even though others involved in the plot were found guilty.

The trial of Trump, who was accused of plotting to rig the 2020 election in favor of Biden, was set to begin in Washington on March 4.

However, the proceedings were postponed until the US Supreme Court decided on Trump’s argument that he was exempt from prosecution because he was a former president.

Following the Capitol riot, the House of Representatives impeached President Trump, 77, a second time because he had incited an uprising; however, the Senate found him not guilty.

Do you believe there is a two-tier justice system under the Biden administration?

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