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Home News Trans Pop Star Kim Petras Wants Gay Fans to Have Sex During Concerts

Trans Pop Star Kim Petras Wants Gay Fans to Have Sex During Concerts

Trans Pop Star Kim Petras Wants Gay Fans to Have Sex During Concerts

( – German music star Kim Petras, who identifies as transgender, stated that he wants his gay followers to have sex at his current concert tour, where kids as young as eight are welcome.

Kim Petras, a guy who identifies as a woman, admitted as much in a recent interview published in Interview magazine.

She said that vulgar and sexual activities are being performed in public.

“There’s definitely gay sex happening, which is lit,” Petras said. “In the crowd, and that’s the goal.”

Children as young as eight are permitted to attend Petras’ tour, according to Ticketmaster.

The tour will start in the United States and continue across the United Kingdom and Europe.

The website specifies that children under 14 must always be accompanied by an adult.

In the Interview article, Petras talked about the tour’s inspirations.

“And if you look at the show, it’s kind of inspired by Dante’s Inferno and the different levels of hell,” the singer said.

“I come out in an iron maiden. Everything’s very symbolic for my life and you really have to overanalyze it to get it all. And my obsession with Greek mythology and German fairytales and all of that stuff, all of my passions are very deeply in there.”

Petras has voiced her opinion in the discussion surrounding transgender medical procedures for adolescents.

The musician stated that politicians “shouldn’t ban hormone therapy” because some European and American governments have banned the treatments, many of which have severe and irreversible adverse effects.

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