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Home News State Of The Union Address: Biden’s Top 5 Moments, Republicans Respond

State Of The Union Address: Biden’s Top 5 Moments, Republicans Respond

State Of The Union Address: Biden’s Top 5 Moments, Republicans Respond

( – Tuesday night, President Biden delivered his second State of the Union speech, which served as a soft launch for his 2024 presidential campaign. Democrats applauded his vows to outlaw “assault weapons” and codify Roe v. Wade.

At the same time, Republicans booed his comments on the border and Social Security. The speech’s top five moments are listed below.

1. ‘Liar!’

After Biden restated an old Democratic talking point that fact-checkers have long refuted, chaos briefly broke out in the House chamber.

According to Biden, “some Republicans want Medicare and Social Security to sunset.”

Republican members of Congress started to object, but he insisted, “I’m not claiming it’s a majority.” “Anyone who has any doubts can get a copy from my office. You can have a copy of the proposal from me.”

“Liar!” Ga. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene yelled.

Biden changed his mind, stating, “I’m not claiming that most of you believe that. I don’t even believe it’s a big deal, but people are putting it forth. Some of you have suggested it, but I’ll be nice and not name them.”

Republicans have advocated for subjecting all federal programs to the more stringent oversight of discretionary expenditure so that Congress must annually approve each program. Republicans have frequently stated that they do not wish to abolish Medicare and Social Security. However, the designation could result in budget cuts to these programs.

Even left-leaning media sources have criticized Biden for his inaccurate descriptions of the GOP’s Social Security and Medicare programs.

2. McCarthy hush-talks

Biden’s remembrance of a fentanyl victim was interrupted by hecklers from his own party, who were silenced by Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

After one member cried, “It’s coming from China,” and another yelled, “It’s your fault,” McCarthy was observed mouthing, “Shush.”

When some of his party’s supporters chanted about guarding the border while the president was discussing immigration reform, McCarthy was spotted attempting to calm them down again.

3. “12 million new jobs.”

Biden repeated the false claim regarding the total number of jobs he has “generated” since taking office in 2021.

The president recalled that “our economy was reeling” two years ago. We have produced a record 12 million new jobs, more than any president has ever done in four years.

However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that because the COVID-19 pandemic caused the loss of the remaining 2.7 million jobs, the economy under Biden has only added 2.7 million jobs total.

4. Ban assault weapons immediately

During his speech, Biden reiterated his support for outlawing so-called “assault weapons,” drawing a standing ovation from his party and head shaking from the opposition.

He said, “Now outlaw assault weapons. Ban them right away, permanently.”

After speaking about the shooter accused of using a handgun to kill 11 people celebrating the Lunar New Year at a ballroom outside of Los Angeles, the president issued the proclamation.

According to reports, the weapon was a semi-automatic pistol with more than a 10-round magazine.

Biden did not detail what firearms are “assault weapons.”

5. The smooch

Before Biden’s address, first lady Jill Biden and second gentleman Doug Emhoff made out.

On Twitter, the incident became viral right away.

Bonus points:

In his opening remarks, Biden erroneously referred to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer as the “minority leader.”

Before the president’s speech, Vice President Kamala Harris and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy engaged in cordial conversation and laughter.

Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito, Sonia Sotomayor, and Neil Gorsuch, four members of the Supreme Court, decided not to attend.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Delivers the Republican Response to Biden’s SOTU:

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