(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – In the six months following the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, there were 32,000 fewer abortions performed in the country, according to a report.

The #WeCount report was released on Tuesday by the Society of Family Planning, a left-leaning non-profit organization that “believe[s] in just and equitable abortion and contraception informed by research.”

Following the Dobbs ruling, the group characterizes the #WeCount report as a “national abortion reporting effort that seeks to document the shifts in abortion access by state.”

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Data from abortion clinics, private medical offices, hospitals, and online clinics were gathered for the study from locations nationwide. According to the group, known suppliers answered more than 80%.

The analysis did not include abortions that took place outside of the healthcare system or that were self-managed.

In the six months after the Dobbs ruling, there were, according to the research, 5,377 fewer abortions performed in the United States on average each month.

According to the data, the country’s abortion rate dropped from 13.2 per 1,000 women of reproductive age in April to 12.3 per 1,000 women during the same period.

“After the Dobbs judgment, as compared to before Dobbs, the 13 states with abortion bans had a monthly average of 7,235 fewer abortions. While telemedicine services increased in areas where abortion was legal, the research notes that this number fell to 10 by December in states where abortion is illegal.

The group discovered that while the overall number of abortions declined, the number performed by telehealth clinicians in virtual clinics rose from 3,610 in April 2022 (4% of all abortions) to 8,540 in December (11 percent of all abortions).

The research notes that between April and December 2022, “this change reflects an increase of 137 percent in the number of abortions provided through virtual-only providers.” In the six months following the Dobbs decision,

“Telehealth abortions provided by virtual clinics have increased every month since April 2022 and by December, represent 9 percent of all abortions across the post Dobbs six months, indicating that a greater percentage of U.S. abortions are taking place by way of virtual-only clinics than before the Dobbs decision.”

After the Dobbs ruling, abortion was legalized in states with an overall increase of 11,150 abortions.

“States that allowed abortion offered an additional 1,858 abortions per month on average following the Dobbs ruling. In areas where abortion was legal, virtual clinics performed 3,590 telemedicine abortions; by December, that number had risen to 8,540.”

“The states with the highest increases in the overall number of abortions in the six months following the Dobbs ruling were Florida (7,190 more abortions), Illinois (6,840 more abortions), North Carolina (4,730 more abortions), Colorado (2,580 more abortions), and Michigan (2,490 more abortions),” according to the report.

The survey also stated that “those states that had restrictions but were closer in proximity to states that banned abortion also experienced rises in the number of abortions provided by a doctor.”

One fact is clear; the Dobbs Decision has saved 32,000 lives. No one can deny that miracle.

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