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Home News SCOTUS Rulings Send BU Law Students Seeking Therapy

SCOTUS Rulings Send BU Law Students Seeking Therapy

SCOTUS Rulings Send BU Law Students Seeking Therapy

( – Following several conservative Supreme Court rulings, including one that outlawed the use of racial considerations in university admissions, Boston University School of Law students are being advised to seek treatment.

303 Creative LLC. v. Elenis upheld a website designer’s right to refuse to include pro-same-sex messages if the state demanded them. According to Fox News Digital, Biden v. Nebraska ended President Joe Biden’s student loan transfer program.

The BU Law Student Government Association (SGA) reportedly emailed students criticizing these rulings.

In response, Fox remarked that the SGA had reminded students of the availability of mental health “wellness resources.”

“[The assenting judges] went so far as to say that the race-based admission system uses race as a negative and operates it as a stereotype,” the letter stated. “They may couch their opinion in legal jargon, but we all know what this opinion aims to do: advocate for a ‘colorblind’ admission process.”

“However, as many of our students know and Justice Sotomayor says in her dissent, ‘ignoring race will not equalize a society that is racially unequal,'” the letter proclaimed.

“As a reminder, BU also offers a number of wellness resources that are willing and able to help students navigate these times.”

In recent years, law schools have developed a reputation for comforting left-leaning students who have been let down by reality. Some in 2016 provided counseling services to students who were angry over Donald Trump’s election victory.

Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020, students pressured specific colleges to postpone exams.

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