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Home News School District REJECTS Shielding Kids from Transgenderism

School District REJECTS Shielding Kids from Transgenderism

School District REJECTS Shielding Kids from Transgenderism

( – A resolution ordering administrators to implement the new state model policy on how to handle students who identify as the opposite sex was defeated by the Virginia Beach School Board.

According to a report by the Virginian-Pilot, the proposal to pass the resolution was defeated on Tuesday with a vote of 5-5 and one abstention.

The resolution instructed school officials to implement the “Model Policies on Ensuring Privacy, Dignity, and Respect for All Students and Parents in Virginia’s Public Schools” from the 2023 Republican governor Glenn Youngkin’s administration.

Under this policy, parents had to give written permission before their kid could use a different name or pronoun at school.

Additionally, parents would have needed permission for their child to attend counseling services “pertaining to gender,” among other things.

“I’ve said from the beginning, nobody’s intention on this dais is to say no to the governor, but it is our intention, in a division of this size, to tweak a few things while remaining in compliance,” board member Kimberly Melnyk, who voted against the resolution, said.

The policies, according to Melnyk, must take into account the demands of every student. However, other board members emphasized that the problem relates to the parental rights of their underage children.

“We can proverbially kick the can down the road even further, looking for something that resembles perfection,” board member Michael Callan, who voted in favor of the resolution, said. “But I think the spirit around the reason for these policies is due to the fact that, culturally, we’ve gotten to a place that alarms a great number of parents.”

“And that place was, a state representative could be informed of information about a child and could, with intentionality, withhold that information from a parent,” Callan added.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Youngkin stressed that “kids don’t belong to the state.”

“Parents are in charge of their children’s lives,” Youngkin said. “The kids don’t belong to the state, they belong to parents, and to families, and they have the ultimate say in decisions that that child is going to make with a parent, not with a bureaucrat.”

“These are the exact same school systems that fought us on allowing parents to decide whether children wear a mask, or whether sexually explicit materials could be removed from curriculum, or that schools were going to stay shut for a long period of time, unnecessarily long, which resulted in massive learning loss,” Youngkin added.

“These school districts will, in fact, comply with the law, because it is the law, and they don’t have a choice,” the Virginia governor declared.

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