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Home News Fox News Debate Highlights Abortion as a ‘Losing Issue’ for Republicans

Fox News Debate Highlights Abortion as a ‘Losing Issue’ for Republicans

Fox News Debate Highlights Abortion as a ‘Losing Issue’ for Republicans

( – Abortion was mentioned as a “losing issue” for Republicans in the 2024 presidential election by Fox News commentator Martha MacCallum during the Republican presidential primary debate on Wednesday.

In what appeared to be an attempt to nudge Republican presidential contenders to the left on abortion, MacCallum cited a few notable defeats, such as several ballot initiatives, to bolster her argument.

The remarks come as pro-life groups and lawmakers consider the best course of action now that the decision over abortion has been given back to the states and their elected officials.

While some Republicans would want to leave the destiny of the unborn to individual states, others are aiming for a federal prohibition that would last at least 15 weeks when it is believed that unborn children are capable of feeling pain.

In crafting their questions, the moderators made noticeably little mention of pro-life gains since the Dobbs ruling, instead pressing the candidates on whether they would support federal legislation restricting abortion.

Since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling, there are now laws protecting unborn children in 25 states, or half the nation.

Every governor who signed pro-life legislation also won re-election in their most recent elections.

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