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Home News Russia OUTRAGED As Ukraine Promised Membership To NATO

Russia OUTRAGED As Ukraine Promised Membership To NATO

Russia OUTRAGED As Ukraine Promised Membership To NATO

( – On Tuesday, Ukraine’s long-standing requests for NATO membership were granted. The guarantee that it will join “in the long run” will surely outrage Moscow.

As he hinted at future membership, Jens Stoltenberg, secretary-general of the Western military alliance, emphasized that Ukraine’s immediate challenge is to continue to exist as an independent country free from the invading armies of neighboring Russia.

The Daily Mail quotes Stoltenberg as saying,

“NATO allies have decided that Ukraine will join our alliance, but at the same time, that is a long-term vision.”

Stoltenberg was speaking to reporters in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The notion that membership is just a step away was reiterated in Kyiv by Stoltenberg’s speech.

Putin has already stated that one of the causes of his attack on Ukraine was NATO’s expansion of its frontiers into eastern Europe.

Following the election of Viktor Yanukovych in 2010, who opted to keep the country non-aligned, efforts to join the alliance were abandoned.

According to a report in the Mail, Ukraine submitted a NATO Membership Action Plan in 2008 seeking to join the organization.

2014 saw a resurgence of them, according to Breitbart News.

On September 2022, Ukraine formally sought to join NATO, months after the full-scale invasion (started by Putin on February 24, 2022) and after Russia’s takeover of four eastern and southern areas of Ukraine.

As Finland prepared to discuss its own application to join the military alliance spurred by Putin’s imperialist activities, Stoltenberg made his remarks.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gives a warning to those Americans who do not wish to support Ukraine, saying:

How do you think Putin will react to this news?

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