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Home News Poll Shows ‘Bidenomics’ Causing Despair with American Voters

Poll Shows ‘Bidenomics’ Causing Despair with American Voters

Poll Shows ‘Bidenomics’ Causing Despair with American Voters

( – According to a poll issued on Monday, most Americans believe President Joe Biden is pursuing weak economic policies, despite his promotion of “Bidenomics” in preparation for a bid for reelection in 2024.

As Biden prepares to fight for reelection in 2024, the findings of the July Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll, a monthly survey conducted by the Harris Poll and HarrisX and the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard (CAPS), are not good for the White House.

Overall, 57 percent of people believe that Biden is not appropriately guiding the nation’s economy since everyone feels the effects of inflation.

Mark Penn, Co-Director of the Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll and Chairman and CEO of Stagwell, stated that inflation “remains the elephant in the room” and that it is impossible to convince Americans to change their dissatisfaction with the economy.

The polling reveals, in essence:

  • Bidenomics faces an uphill battle: 57 percent think Biden is pursuing bad economic policies today and 56 percent think Republicans in Congress understand Americans’ economic problems better than Biden.
  • Inflation is hitting Americans across the political spectrum: 76 percent of voters say inflation has impacted them and their family’s finances, with groceries as the area impacted most (chosen by 49 percent of voters).
  • Sixty percent of voters think the inflation rate is continuing to increase even though that is not true.
  • To regain people’s confidence in his ability to fix the economy, Biden must stabilize inflation, according to a plurality of voters in each party; the second-most popular choice is to cut federal spending.

Between July 19 and July 20, 2023, HarrisX and The Harris Poll conducted an online survey of 2,090 registered voters as part of the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll.

Even while the White House is adamant that things are improving, Americans have previously looked at their economic situation under Biden and shaken their collective heads.

In March 2022, about seven out of ten Americans felt that Biden’s economy was “in bad shape,” according to reports.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans disapproved of how he managed the economy, according to an Associated Press-NORC poll.

Additionally, the majority of Americans claimed that Biden’s own initiatives have harmed rather than benefited the economy.

More recently, compared to the previous survey in April, the president’s economic approval rating increased by just three percentage points earlier this month.

According to the CNBC All-America Economic Survey, 58 percent of Americans disapprove, and 37 percent approve.

This reading is better than last summer’s net negative 34 reading, despite the net negative of 21 points.

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