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Home News POLL: Democrats Choose 2024 Candidate

POLL: Democrats Choose 2024 Candidate

POLL: Democrats Choose 2024 Candidate

( – According to a Rasmussen Reports poll released on Tuesday, voters are divided on who they would support if President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris faced against Democrat Robert Kennedy and former President Donald Trump in the general election of 2024.

However, Democrats still strongly prefer Biden to the other two declared Democratic candidates.

Biden has received a lot of criticism while using the phrase “let’s finish the job.” Is he referring to the complete destruction of America?!

The majority of respondents to the poll, 54 percent, said they had a good opinion of Kennedy, who declared his candidacy for president on the Democratic side in April.

Notably, Kennedy enjoys high approval ratings across the board, with 53% of Democrats, 61% of Republicans, and 48% of independents holding at least moderately favorable opinions of the politician.

Between Biden, Kennedy, and Marianne Williamson, when asked who they would support in the Democratic presidential primary, likely voters are almost evenly divided, choosing 36 percent for Biden and 35 percent for Kennedy.

However, Democrats still supported Biden with 62% of the vote to Kennedy’s 19%, while 50% of Republicans and 36% of independents supported Kennedy.

The survey asked participants who they would support if it came down to a Trump-Kennedy ticket vs. a Biden-Harris ticket in the general election.

The Republicans preferred Kennedy over the other candidates. The electorate is still evenly divided, with 44 percent of likely voters supporting Biden-Harris and 44 percent supporting Trump-Kennedy. 7% said “some other candidates,” and 5% were unclear.

One in five Democrats, as well as 72% of Republicans and 41% of independents, said they would vote for the Trump-Kennedy combination. Independents claimed they would back Biden-Harris in a 44 percent vote.

The survey, which had a +/- 3 percent margin of error, was conducted among 910 likely American voters on May 3–4, 2023, and May 7.

Kennedy specifically stated on Wednesday that he would not, under any circumstances, support Trump for president in 2024.

The majority of people who backed Biden in 2020, according to a recent Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey, think he ought to debate other Democrat candidates as well.

We have profoundly different views on fundamental problems like corporate control in government, censorship, civil liberties, poverty, corruption, and war policy, among others, Kennedy remarked in April.

Although Kennedy has known and liked Joe Biden for a long time.

In an open, polite, and honest primary race, I look forward to challenging him in debates and town halls. In these divisive times, I invite him into a new era of respectful conversation,” he continued, urging a discussion.

Kennedy criticized open border policies this week, stating that one may be “pro-immigration and pro-closing the border” — a position the radical left repeatedly refuses to accept:

Here is a much better overall view of where Biden stands:

If Americans want more inflation, high gas prices, and an increase in rent and cost of living – vote for Biden and “finish the job.”

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