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Home News OP-ED: Prediction – This is How Biden Will AVOID Being Impeached…

OP-ED: Prediction – This is How Biden Will AVOID Being Impeached…

OP-ED: Prediction – This is How Biden Will AVOID Being Impeached…

( – The Biden Crime Family sold America to foreign governments, particularly Communist China, for 14 years, according to a timeline published last week by the House Oversight Committee.

The criminal activities of Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and the more prominent Biden family are likely still under investigation by the Oversight Committee.

The Biden family betrayed America to communist China, Ukraine, and Romania.

The IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler testified on Wednesday that the Biden family accepted over $17 million in bribes.

According to reports, they got it from China, Romania, and other nations in exchange for political favors in sworn testimony to Congress.

The FBI dossier, made public by Senator Chuck Grassley on Thursday, revealed that Joe Biden and Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky were partners in a $10 million bribery conspiracy.

According to the FD-1023 form, Joe Biden, vice president then, allegedly FORCED Ukrainian magnate Zlochevsky to pay him and his son Hunter $10 million in exchange for political favor.

On Friday, the War Room audience heard Rudy Giuliani describe the evidence gathered against the Biden Crime Family as “the strongest case I’ve ever seen.”

He said it the evidence is superior to what his team used in New York in the 1980s to bring down the mafia’s Five Families.

So, now what? What will be the next move by Republicans? How will this pan out?

Democrats attempt to imprison President Trump on baseless allegations from pointless legal proceedings.

And now that all of this incriminating evidence has been revealed by the Biden Crime Family, only one move may prevent Biden from being impeached…

And that’s a sudden and planned out medical emergency.

Joe Biden will trip, fall, or experience a medical issue before being impeached. His administration will sob-filledly declare Joe’s resignation.

As a result, Democrats and the media they praise will claim that the Biden Crime Story is “yesterday’s news” and “has already been prosecuted.”

The general populace in America will be lectured on what a fantastic leader Joe Biden was and why he deserves to live on in our memories and the pages of history.

Republicans in leadership and the Uni-party will sigh with relief that they won’t have to go through impeachment.

We shall be told by Republican leadership that “This is not who we are.”

Let’s hope the GOP has the nerve to move forward with the impeachment proceeding and show the world that, just as Democrats say about President Trump, no one is above the law.

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