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Home News O’Keefe Media Group Blows the Lid On Who’s Really Running the White House

O’Keefe Media Group Blows the Lid On Who’s Really Running the White House

O’Keefe Media Group Blows the Lid On Who’s Really Running the White House

(—Special advisor Tyler Robinson of the US Small Business Administration (SBA) recently revealed to an undercover journalist for O’Keefe Media Group the inner workings of the Biden Administration and the identity of the real White House leader.

Robinson claims that SBA Administrator Isabel Casillas Guzman is the person to whom he reports as Chief of Staff Arthur Plews.

According to Robinson, some call Biden’s Chief of Staff and former Facebook board member Jeff Zients “the second most powerful person in Washington” and that “by getting Jeff’s signature, you’re getting the President to sign off.”

“Any time we go [to a state], we try to visit with a Member of Congress, if they’re a Democrat… because then we can help them get reelected as well. So we’re going to Montana because Senator Tester, he’s the Democratic Senator from Montana, like he’s in a tough reelection race, and that’s like a seat we need in the Senate to maintain a majority.” Robinson added, “We all, like as an office, were going, and the White House was like, ‘yes, go. Invite Senator Tester. Don’t invite the other Senator because he’s a Republican, and don’t invite the two members of Congress because they’re Republicans.’” He then confirmed that the White House authorized the SBA to campaign for this Senator.

Zeints has permitted him to take action within the Administration that may violate the Hatch Act, which forbids government workers from engaging in political activity or influencing elections.

According to Robinson, Isabel Guzman, the SBA administrator, implicitly supports Joe Biden and works to elect Democrats to Congress.

“She travels across the nation almost every week. Their accomplishments are visible to us; she cannot, for example, stand on a stage and urge people to vote for Joe Biden. Like that’s not allowed,” Robinson remarked.

Robinson also said that Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are part of Biden’s shadow cabinet of advisors. Robinson claims that Hillary Clinton utilizes her connections to influence policy.

“One such person in the White House is Neera Tanden, the Director of the Domestic Policy Council and a former staffer of Hillary Clinton. She handles a lot of the foreign work. They’re similar to the Clinton Initiative,” he continued.

Remember that O’Keefe previously exposed another White House source who acknowledged that Joe Biden’s mental health is deteriorating and that there are discussions taking place behind closed doors regarding how to take Kamala Harris off the 2024 ticket without creating a “scandal” or providing the American people with bad optics.

We now know who, in the wake of Joe Biden’s rapidly deteriorating capacity, is controlling the White House.

Do you believe Joe Biden is really running the country?

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