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Home News Female Transvestite Gets Knocked Out in 21 Seconds (VIDEO)

Female Transvestite Gets Knocked Out in 21 Seconds (VIDEO)

Female Transvestite Gets Knocked Out in 21 Seconds (VIDEO)

( – Once-sex-segregated competitions are now open to cross-dressing athletes competing against members of the opposite sex due to the institutional embrace of gender ideology.

This has proven disastrous for female athletes and women’s sports.

According to a 2021 study published in the journal Sports Medicine, male players have physical advantages over female athletes that, depending on the sport, can explain a 10–50% performance differential.

This performance disparity has been wholly exploited by male transvestites, who have won championships, cash prizes, and trophies in mixed martial arts, swimming, weightlifting, cycling, soccer, and other sports.

The performance difference has recently taken a toll on the female boxer.

Still, unlike other female athletes pummeled by gender ideology, her sport had not been overtaken by imposters.

Instead, it was she who had changed the categories of sex.

Patricia Manuel, a female boxer who has had numerous elective operations, including a double mastectomy, in the hopes of passing for a man, was raised in California by her single Irish-American mother and her lesbian sister.

Outsports, an LGBT advocacy journal, had named Manuel their “2023 Transgender Athlete of the Year.” William Thomas, the swimmer who goes by Lia today, was given the title the year before.

After reiterating she regards herself as a man, Manuel told Outsports, “I love the honesty of this sport.”

“Two people with gloves. Same weight category settling out who will be better. In boxing, you settle it and then you hug each other afterward. I wish more of the world was like that,” added Manuel.

The Los Angeles Times stated that Manuel, 38, became the first boxer in American history to fight as a woman and then as a “man” after using hormones, gaining a substantial amount of weight, and deepening his voice.

Since starting to compete professionally against males in 2018, the 5’6″ super-featherweight has won three bouts; nevertheless, earlier this month, at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California, she was given a harsh reality check.

Only twenty-one seconds into the April 4 fight, Manuel was knocked flat on her back by Joshua Brian Reyes, a male fighter with three victories and two losses. Reyes’s hit to the female fighter’s jaw was devastating.

Following the fight, Manuel wrote on Instagram, “I’m not one to hide my face no matter the outcome. … I lost last night. I trained my ass off, had great sparring, cut no corners. But sometimes s**t doesn’t go your way.”

Do you believe women should be fighting in men’s sports?

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