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Home News NYC Moves Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants To High School Gym Forcing Students To Switch To Remote Learning

NYC Moves Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants To High School Gym Forcing Students To Switch To Remote Learning

NYC Moves Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants To High School Gym Forcing Students To Switch To Remote Learning

( – City officials evacuated around 2,000 individuals residing in a tent shelter on an airfield in New York City due to high winds. They were relocated to a safe and secure high school gymnasium.

As the city prepared for a storm that might bring torrential rain and winds of up to 70 mph, the illegal immigrants are being moved on Tuesday from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn to James Madison High School, according to the New York Post.

On Tuesday, students were excused early to prepare the school for incoming refugees. Classes would be conducted virtually on Wednesday, according to Inna Vernikov, a Republican Councilwoman in NYC.

Gym teacher Robyn Levy told the Post, “They told us we had to get everything out by 5 [p.m.].” At six in the morning, they emailed us. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to return.”

Levy asked, “Why not send them to a location where there wouldn’t be any disruptions to students’ learning?”

The migrants will remain in the high school “until any weather conditions that may arise have stabilized and the facility is once again fit for living,” according to City Hall spokesperson Kayla Mamelak.

According to Mamelak, the move is a proactive step out of an abundance of caution to guarantee the safety and wellness of those residing and working at the center.

After Governor Kathy Hochul worked out a deal with the Biden administration to enable the state to use the airfield to shelter illegal immigrants who had swamped the Big Apple over the previous two years, New York started setting them up in tents there in November.

On Tuesday, Vernikov chastised state and local officials, declaring, “Our schools are not migrant shelters!”

Vernikov stated in a news statement that “our public schools are meant to be places of learning and growth for our children, and were never intended to be shelters or facilities for emergency housing.”

Madison High School has about 4,000 pupils enrolled. It makes sense that their parents are worried. The safety and well-being of our constituents who reside nearby is a worry.

This will cause significant stress for our families, students, staff, and administrators, upset the local population, and disturb the entire school atmosphere.

This is not the first time the illegal immigration situation has had an impact on the education of pupils in New York City.

Around 21,000 illegal immigrant children descended onto New York City schools on the first day of classes at the start of the school year, overwhelming one school to the point where it had to move its students to a new location due to building capacity.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams also slashed the city’s education budget by more than $1 billion over the next two years to cope with illegal immigration.

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