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Home News Nikki Haley On Why Trump May Not Be Pro-Israel

Nikki Haley On Why Trump May Not Be Pro-Israel

Nikki Haley On Why Trump May Not Be Pro-Israel

( – Former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley forewarned the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting on Saturday that former president Donald Trump might not be pro-Israel going forward.

Haley responded to questions that some pro-Israel voters were beginning to have after Trump attacked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom Trump dislikes for having acknowledged President Joe Biden’s victory in 2020.

Although Trump had supported Israel as president, Haley said it was unknown where his policies would go in the future.

“We all know what Trump did in the past. The question is: what will he do in the future?”

She also attacked President Biden’s Middle East policies, despite his recent pro-Israel statements following the October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists from Palestine.

“His actions haven’t always matched his words,” she said. “If you stand with Israel, you don’t cozy up to Iran.”

She declared: “What’s happening in Israel is a clear-cut case of good and evil. It doesn’t get clearer than freedom-loving people defending themselves against barbaric terrorists.”

And while Biden had said some of the right things, his efforts to rehabilitate Iran were part of the problem.

As Israel began to eradicate Hamas, Haley lashed out at those calling for “restraint” and a ceasefire in the battle. “Move the noise aside. To declare “never again” is insufficient. To ensure that terrorists can never act in such a manner again, we must eradicate them.

According to her, the United States benefited from its decision to support goodness over evil, not just in Israel. She remarked that Russia’s continuous invasion of Ukraine was an evil. “We ought to provide Ukraine with the means to expel Russia from its territory.”

She noted differences in both cases, but they were overwhelmed by the similarities. She mentioned, for instance, how China and Russia were partners in both situations.

She stated, “This is profoundly about America’s security,” adding that the conflicts were not simply about Israel’s or Ukraine’s security.

“Hear me out: Anyone who leaves Ukraine now runs the risk of leaving Israel tomorrow.”

Democrats and Republicans “fail to understand the nature of the threats we face,” Haley continued, calling it “shocking.”

She references former President Donald Trump and Vivek Ramaswamy before addressing the latter directly.

After decades of fervently praying “Never again,” she addressed the Hamas terror incident in her closing remarks, referring to it as a personal crisis of faith.

“No one can destroy what God has blessed,” she declared, believing that Israel will return even stronger than before.

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