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Home News Misguided Left Holds ‘Queers for Palestine’ Rally

Misguided Left Holds ‘Queers for Palestine’ Rally

Misguided Left Holds ‘Queers for Palestine’ Rally

( – In response to the widespread murder of Jews in Israel by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, left-leaning demonstrators staged a “Queers for Palestine” demonstration in New York City earlier this week.

In an odd and self-defeating turn of events, organizers organized a “Queers for Palestine” march, demonstrating how wokeness has such a strong hold on its adherents’ minds that it can even persuade LGBTQ+ people to support Hamas.

At the Queers for Palestine march, demonstrators are heard cynically screaming, “Queer rights, trans rights, we say no to genocide,” in a video that independent journalist and author Andy Ngo uploaded to X, formerly Twitter.

A protester is heard yelling, “On the count of three, one, two, three, fuck Israel!” in another footage from the incident. The audience responds by yelling, “Fuck Israel!” repeatedly.

Pro-Palestine protestors can be heard chanting in further camera footage, “Resistance is justified when people are occupied” and “when people are colonized.”

Furthermore, Israel is the most LGBT-friendly nation in the Middle East, according to Equaldex.

Social media users were quick to point out the irony of the Queers for Palestine rally, considering that same-sex marriage is illegal in Palestine and LGBTQ+ people face discrimination there.

With the caption, “Queers for Palestine still supports them,” an X user posted a video of a Palestinian official advocating for the extermination of gay people.

In response to the “Queers for Palestine” event, clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson described it as a “staggeringly incomprehensible spectacle” and “suicidal,” as well as an example of the lengths leftists will go to “to tear down everything in the West that is worthy”:

The main focus of woke ideology is how inferior people are perceived to be oppressed by superior groups. The oppression perspective forces woke activists to support smaller, weaker groups, even if such groups have unfavorable policies and ideas.

Compared to earlier left-wing promises of economic support for working-class impoverished people against the heartless wealthy classes, this wokeness is extremely different.

Even though Israel’s democracy is significantly more liberal than Hamas’s antisemitic, anti-homosexual, and anti-Christian Islamic ideology, awake principles encourage followers to sympathize with the small and weak Hamas in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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