(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – President Joe Biden spoke to transgender kids on Saturday, telling them they are “loved” at Pride Month celebrations at the White House. Transgender kids were singled out for special attention.

According to a White House transcript of his remarks, Biden stated, “We need to push back against the hundreds of callous and cynical bills and laws introduced in states targeting transgender children, terrorizing families, and criminalizing doctors and nurses.”

“This is not an exaggeration; it is a fact that “these bills and laws attack the most fundamental freedoms and values we have as Americans, including the right to be yourself, the right to make your own health decisions, and the right to raise your own children.”

The event was initially slated for Thursday but was postponed due to bad air quality from Canadian wildfires, which the administration touted as the largest Pride event ever at the White House.

Biden stated that parents of transgender children should not have to worry about their children’s safety or feel “singled out” or “demonized.”

“I want to let the whole community know that they are cherished, especially the transgender kids. You’ve been heard. You are recognized. And you’re a part of it,” Biden remarked.

The fact that Biden supports transgender rights is widely known.

According to reports, he gave a speech in support of the cause on “Transgender Day of Visibility” back in March.

“We want you to know that, on Transgender Day of Visibility, we recognize you just as you are: created in God’s image and deserving of respect, dignity, and support,” Biden said in a social media post.

But Biden said nothing about the shooting that reportedly took place five days earlier at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, where a transgender man is accused of killing six people, including three children.

The president’s declaration caused anger among several respondents.

One person remarked, “They deserve mental health treatment for gender dysphoria, a mental illness,” and another added, “What about Christians???”

Another person said, “What an absolute perversion of the word of God.”

This administration prefers to cater to the radical transgender ideology than lead the nation in unity under God.

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