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Home News IT’S ON! Trump Accepts Biden Campaign’s Debate Proposal

IT’S ON! Trump Accepts Biden Campaign’s Debate Proposal

IT’S ON! Trump Accepts Biden Campaign’s Debate Proposal

( – After the Biden campaign suggested conducting two debates, one in June and one in September, former President Trump declared on Wednesday that he is “ready and willing” to take on President Biden.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump mocked Biden as “the WORST debater I have ever faced” and suggested that the two talk about inflation, electric cars, and border security, among other things.

In a different statement, Trump told Fox News Digital he was “fully acceptable” with the suggested dates.

“I will provide my own transportation,” he said.

With his lead in the polls over his competitors, Trump avoided every GOP primary debate and will participate in his first debate of the 2024 campaign.

He is ahead of Biden in battleground state polling, and in numerous national polls, the two are tied.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Biden campaign demanded that the first debate happen in late June, following Biden’s return from the Group of Seven conference in Europe and probably after Trump’s hush money trial in New York has ended.

The campaign recommended a vice presidential debate in late July following the Republican National Convention and another discussion in September when early voting in several states began.

The Commission on Presidential Debates, which has organized presidential debates between candidates since 1988, was rejected by the Biden campaign when it announced that it would work directly with news organizations to arrange the debates.

To alleviate any suspicions of bias, Biden campaign chair Jen O’Malley Dillon advised collaborating with organizations that staged the Democratic primary debate in 2020 and the Republican primary debate in 2016.

The Commission on Presidential Debates scheduled three presidential debates starting in mid-September.

The Trump team begged the commission to have additional debates earlier in the election cycle, claiming that millions of voters might have submitted ballots before the second debate was set for early October.

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